Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stuck Indoors

So today, I had made plans to go to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens and maybe even the zoo. Depended on the weather, cause rain was forecasted. But then I had a friend call last night and invite me to go to the Sandia Mountains with her. Since that is not as accessible to me as the gardens and zoo, I jumped all over that. But alas, I had a rough night tossing and turning with chills and feeling feverish. Sometime this morning, I developed the body aches and as the day progressed, I downright felt awful. So I'm stuck in my apartment, at the very least for today. But I remembered taking this picture of this plant with my camera phone and wondered how it came out. It's pretty clear. Not being from Albuquerque, I couldn't possibly even begin to tell you what kind of plant it is. I was out walking one evening and saw this and had to take a picture because I had never seen anything so bizarre. Well, ok, since moving here, I've seen LOTS of bizarre things, just had never thought to use my camera phone and take a picture before this particular evening. :) If you know what it is and can educate me, please do so!


I love reading comments! Who doesn't? It brightens my days so please leave one and I'll come visit you too! :) Ema


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