Friday, October 5, 2007

My First Love

My nephew, Fabian, has asked that I write another creative little story. I may have come across as a writer with some of my blogging. In all honesty, I am just creative! LOL! If it can be crafted, I'm gonna do it! I do write on occassion, because, well, I often have lots to say! :) But my first love, is paper crafting. Maybe I should have told Fabian I'm being heavily medicated these days and the can opener blog was inspired one day when I took some serious medication for pain AND was trying to open a can. LOL! But have faith, Fabian! I'm working on my 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' parody I send out every Christmas. And now and then, as I've written before, I do have things to say! But for now, I'm writing about my first creative outlet. The only reason I started blogging . . . really.

I am currently on an up and coming design team at AW&CT. We're just getting started over there, so there's not much to look at, but it's a place I can show off some of my artwork and the hope is that someday it will be productive. I was on another design team that started all of this. It was not the greatest experience, but it taught me so much about myself and my love for paper! :)

Today, I'm coming on here to share something with you. It started as an experiement. I was learning a new technique. I like new techniques. Reminds me that I am not all that I think I am at times! :) Anyway, I goofed the image and so I started layering things around it to maybe downplay the goof and no one would notice it. Of course, I point it out! :) I got kind of carried away with the layering and by the time I stopped, well . . . let's just say, I forced myself to stop! LOL! And this is what I ended up with.

Ranger embossing ink/powder, UTEE, Blockhead Stamps, Scrapgoods fibers and embellishments
I still have it. I've never given it to anyone. I guess cause everytime I look at it, I see my goof. :) Oh, I'm not unhappy with all my creations! Here's one that I absolutely love! I made it for a contest and can you believe that it did not win?! Cause I still can't believe it did not win!

Cardstock, Miss Elizabeth's PP and brads, Leaving Prints ribbons and chipboard, OTC alpha tags, MM charm, DSX floss, vellum, Whispers ink
Just to share something funny with you. I made this one for Valentine's Day and seriously considered sending it to my 87 yo mother! She's been a widow since 1983 and has had more boyfriends than I have since then! LOL! J/K! But don't tell anyone! She'd get really mad at me for saying something like that. Especially since it's not true! ;)

Cardstock, EK PP/metal, Wal-Mart ribbons, vintage button, DSX floss, StampCraft bronze ink.

Oh, I got off the subject there for a bit. Sorry, What made me start thinking about my cards is that there's a stamping company looking for a new design team. I immediately thought of my friend, Heidi and suggested to her that she should apply for it. I then remembered that when I grow up, I want to do something in the scrapping field. So, I'm contemplating applying myself. It's not whether I win or lose, but how I play the game, right? Yeah, right, whatever!
Before I leave, here's another experiment. I was learning to make tag books. All I will say is that this almost made me cry! Long story short, the paper is NOT supposed to be cut but folded into an accordion and I got the bright idea that I wanted each panel to be a different color and type of paper and so really, I brought the water works on myself without any help! :) My kids are in these tags and I just like to show them off. It's their graduation pics.

Cardstock, Stickopotamus stickers, EK fibers/PP/printed vellum, HOTP Family Quotes
Was the post what you anticipated? I think the title may have been misleading! LOL! :)

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