Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Cards

Well, when I get home to NH, I'll be able to post many more of these . . . but for now, I only have these. Again, they are from last year when I was a "novice!" Not that I'm more of a pro at it now, but back then, I was really green behind the ears! LOL! This one I actually used leaves from a garland! :) I can't list all the products, because for the life of me I cannot remember what I used, much less how I used them! I can tell you, the sentiment on this one was printed on the computer. Also, the paper with the sentiment was canvas paper. I bought it to print pictures, but did not realize until after I opened the package that it was canvas and did not want to use it, so I used it for other things! :)

I had stickers I wanted to get rid of and made these next two cards and I think I managed to accomplish this! LOL I know the plastic ring was from Leaving Prints and the letter stickers and leaf are Miss Elizabeth's stickers.

I am pretty sure the slide is MM and brads are from HOTP. "Happy Thanksgiving" clear sticker is EK.

OK, this card, I totally lifted! I thought it was the cutest I had ever seen and I repeated the turkey on the envelope! :) "Turkey" clear sticker is EK Success. I didn't have paper that had a wood-grain print or a stamp, so I inked the paper in the hopes that it would kind of look like that, and I think it came out really close. What do you think? The leaves behind the turkey on the card are actually craft leaves. I remember I had so much fun making this card!
This card is special. I actually made two. I made these two cards for my sisters. The picture in the card are items in my home and the grapes are actually from our mother's home. I wanted to make it very personal. The font is from the computer and I used that same canvas paper. I also used that halo effect on the picture to create a different look.

Not much to report from the weekend. I had a nice visit with my siblings and mother. I didn't get to see my oldest brother, but only cause I ran out of time. The drive down there and back was exhausting! I'm still feeling incredibly tired from the trip! :( But I've only one week left to finish up work for my employer and then Saturday is the big day! I head out of the Albuquerque airport at 10:00 and I'm supposed to be in NH by 7:25 p.m. I can hardly wait and I hope there's no snowy weather in the NE to change my plans! :)


I love reading comments! Who doesn't? It brightens my days so please leave one and I'll come visit you too! :) Ema


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