Monday, November 12, 2007

The Aftermath

If I've been overly cranky of late, please forgive me! :) It's just that days of cleaning on end can do that to a person! I think if I had made the mess myself, it would not have been so bad. But the mess was NOT my doing! Plus, every time I found a box that needed to be unpacked, it was horrifying! My vintage scarves were used to wrap picture frames! And I just kept finding one horrific thing after another and I have to tell you about it! But first, I've finally finished cleaning somewhat. Not everything is where I previously had it and it's not as spanky shiny clean as I would like but they are clean, we can maneuver around the apartment without tripping over boxes or trash, things are in their place and now . . . sigh . . . life can resume for me! LOL So here's a shot of the aftermath of Hurricane Ema's whirlwind cleaning extravaganza!

Look! You can see the desktop!

Before returning to my life uninterrupted! LOL I want to just give a re-cap of what I found in the apartment this week.

Aside from horrors of cleaning bathroom, I had to clean cleaning supplies first!

The bowl in refrigerator picture? Crusted over. Threw it away!

Threw microwave away. I’m not cleaning that! Wish I could do the same with the refrigerator and oven.

Two umbrellas, one solid brown and another solid black. Now I have a brown umbrella with a black handle and a black umbrella with a brown handle. Why?

Before I left for Texas, I gave specific instructions that there was to be no drinking, smoking or drugs in the apartment. I found evidence of all of the above, to be specific 15 cigarette butts and approximately 21 bottle caps!

I was gone during the summer . . . 5-pc Halloween beverage set, now 4-pc Halloween beverage set. Perfect for a third wheel event!

One child likes to break off the pull tabs on cans. I found approximately 36 tabs.

Found a Lady Quattro razor behind the bookcase in the kitchen!

I asked that my pocket books be left alone! I received the response of "Your pocket books are not my style." Took awhile to find all of them and once I did, I found makeup products in them that I did NOT leave in there or do they belong to me!

Leather dog leash on floor with trash. "Been looking for that, where did you find it?" "Someone who could not bend at waist must have dropped it."

Day one: 2 bags of trash.
Day two: 3 bags of trash.
Day three: 5 bags of trash and 1 large box filled with empty cardboard boxes.
Day four: 3 bags of trash and 2 large boxes filled with empty cardboard boxes.

Baby shoes, child's belt, car seat, deep fryer and cat litter scoop. We do not have small children or a cat. What?

Profitable? Found $20 bill and $1.72 in loose change!

Dead jade plant. Isn’t that from the cactus plant family?

Beer bottle labels stuck on side of coffee table. Decorative?

Remember spit balls in high school on the ceiling? Yeah, I found those in here too!

Cigarette stench in apartment.

My sewing machine in living room closet. Upside down!

My black boots and snow boots were not in closet. OK, I was gone during the summer months. What was that all about?

One day, I needed some socks to keep feet warm. When I left, I had a small drawer full of matching socks. I went to get a pair. What did I find? I'll show you! BTW, the 21 bottle caps I listed earlier, do not include this little treasure!

Do not despair! After doing all the laundry . . . that took an entire day . . . I now have 5 matching pairs of socks!

Finally, I received my flat-screen TV I purchased while in NM on Friday and it was NOT damaged!! WOOHOO!! I'd been watching TV on this old 13-inch TV that belongs to the wayward child. Let me tell you, it was hard getting used to watching that after I had been watching a 15.4" flat-screen TV! :)


  1. WOW GF you have been B-U-S-Y!!!!!!! It looks great!! Love seeing all the great pictures of your scrap/stamp room!! Can I come & play?

  2. wow ema you go girl! the apartment looks great but i am sorry you had to do all that. and i love the way you tell things! and i am with H i wanna come and play with all your great stuff! love ya!


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