Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me and My Bright Ideas!

I have been accumulating these chocolate sample boxes from Whitman (?) for a couple of years. My intention was to alter them, fill them with greeting cards and gift them. The idea was there, but the expertise was lacking. LOL I found the whole notion quite daunting! So I decided to practice on one first. I then decided to list it at my store and now I'm not sure I'll be able to do that, but in the mean time I had to show you one of my bright ideas!

The paint doesn't look like IRL. I used a copenhagen blue (that's what the bottle had on it!) as the base and then went back over it with navy blue on the edges to give it a shadow effect and then dry brushed some pearlescent baby blue for some shimmer. It came out looking kind of distressed, but I can't capture that with the camera!

The ribbon color looks kind of yellowish, but it's a lime green color and matches perfectly IRL to the handkerchief.

I didn't think to take a close up but the tag you see on the end, it is like a soft metal long dog tag and I engraved "EMAdethis 4U" on it and on the ends are tack heads I broke the backs off of cause they were too cute and one reads "cola" and the other reads "fizz." EMAdethis is the name of my store cause I'm super full of myself in case you guys hadn't caught on to that yet. ;) If I make it, I want my name ALL over it! LOL Thus the name of the blog too, EMA-gination! :)

Supplies: Miss Elizabeth's paper and rhinestones; Colorbox inks; Delta acrylic paints; label holder and soft metal tag; MM tack heads and rhinestone brads; ribbon
Bright idea? Well, when I fitted it together to take pictures, it did not feel like a tight fit but now I can't pull it apart! LOL I'll keep working at it, but I'm afraid of tearing it! Oh, the sagas of a crafter!


  1. Ema,
    Very cool idea and a good excuse to have chocolate in the house (no really, I need the box for altering---lol). Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Ema,
    Thanks for your lovely comments! I will be published in the April 2008 edition of Cards. I'm very excited about it! BTW, loved your box. I have to do some altering too... just not sure what. But this definitely gives me a good idea.

  3. Hi Ema,

    Love your box. I save "stuff" to alter later too, but I mostly just save it. I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My "baby" Roscoe is a big boy. He weighs around 130-give or take. I am sorry that you lost Savage. I can't even think about Roscoe being gone. I have no children so I dote on him as if he is a Real Boy. LOL - Your stamping friend, EdieB

  4. What a neat box! yes!! I love chocolate too!! :) I'll be back!


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