Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh, boy . . .

I've been home for an entire week now. I've been ever so busy and if you want to know why, read "My MasterCard Commercial." The good news is that I'm almost done with the cleaning and have even started playing with my stamps! I spent all Friday mounting and cutting and most importantly, FINDING STORAGE! I've outgrown my space and I told myself, NO MORE SHOPPING! Then on Saturday, my friend, Fireman Steve, took me to my LSS! He's such an enabler! He gave me $50 and told me to buy whatever I wanted but I had to be finished in 15 minutes! Well, never say something like that to a scrapper! LOL Talk about pressure! And after the candy overload I had after I got home, the sight of all those scrapping goodies just made me sick to my stomach! I KNOW! How insane is that? Try as I might I could not spend the entire $50, but I came pretty close . . . $35. Most of it was shiny stuff! I headed straight back to the embellishment area and loaded up on rhinestone this and thats! LOL I don't remember what all I bought, but I'll post a pic later. Right now, I want to show you what I came home to!

These are all items I ordered while living in New Mexico. Before the decision to stay in New Mexico was made and again, once I decided to come home to New Hampshire, I had all these packages shipped here. It was like Christmas, but without the wrapping paper! LOL

I was kind of disappointed with this first one. It's a kit that comes out every other month from Hot off the Press (HOTP). I think it's fairly new. Anyway, you don't get a preview of what you are getting and had I known I was gonna get these ding bats I would have passed on them. These seem to be all the rage right now, but I don't like them. So anyway, these are stamps for this month:

This is a card making kit also from HOTP. I like to get this because of all the doodads they send. These cards are pre-designed. I work on these on days that I am bored out of mind and have nothing to do. I do not sign them and I gift them to folks I know for their own use. I don't use the doodads! I keep those for myself and I have a huge stash that I cannot make myself use! Someone PLEASE rescue me! ;)

These are the doodads I am referring to:

This is a scrapbooking kit also from HOTP. I love all the matchy matchy things they do and the idea sheet that comes with each kit. I use their kits to make little albums to give away.

These next two are also kits from Memory Works. I probably ordered them cause I saw something that I couldn't live without. Now that I have them, I'm not sure what that was! Although with this first kit, I'm thinking it was the glitter! I have a hard time passing up shiny things! LOL

These are the last two kits from my favorite monthly club, ScrapGoods. I love, love, love their kits. I also love the idea sheets and they always have some kind of new technique to try with the things they are sending. I love their ribbons and they always send really cool chip boards. In case I haven't said this before, I love, love, love this club! I only cancelled my membership because I signed on with The Angel Company (TAC) and want to commit myself to them with my time and money and see what pans out for me there.

This is an order I placed for myself for my birthday from Stampin' Up with my friend, Heidi. I went a little overboard cause my total came to like $120 and I was so close to the free hostess benefits that I decided to throw caution to the wind and found another $30 worth of stuff to get for the extras! I can't pass up free shipping and freebies! I don't care how much I have to spend in order to get them!

This is another monthly kit from Tie One On. I love their ribbons and I know I purchased this cause of the PP! Even though I have no kids in school, I had to have it! This is one of my favorite paper lines!

And finally, as I wrote earlier, I did sign up to be a consultant with TAC. These are all the papers and extras that came with the kit. I didn't take a picture of the order forms, catalogs, invitations and so forth, because I thought to myself that part of the package might not interest you!

This is the MAIN reason I wanted to sign up with TAC! You can't see them all, but there are a total of 12 stamp sets that I requested, plus a small logo stamp, and then they sent a sampler set and a grab bag (the two on the far right).

So, the bad news is . . . now the pressure is really on! Oh, boy! Something about a room full of new stuff to NOT know where to start! But start I must, so stay tuned and you'll see what kind of damage I can make! LOL

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