Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two-Month Anniversary!

With the Thanksgiving holiday, I completely forgot to come on here and congratulate myself on two months as a blogger! LOL So much has happened over the last 30 days! Where do I even begin?

Well, I came home from New Mexico and found . . . well, let's just say, I took lots of pictures to document the whole thing and shared the best of them with you! ;) LOL Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Thank goodness! I've not done anything really special since my arrival. I've been too busy cleaning and getting things back on track. Seems like a contradiction there! So much has happened, but I've not done much! LOL But that is how it REALLY is! :)

Thanksgiving was good for us and I hope yours was too. Nina was astonished that we had a Thanksgiving without her. I believe she thinks my world still revolves around her. No longer true! After two years of her complete lack of respect for me has taught me to let go and get on with my life. I'm thinking Christmas will be lots cheerier for us too! :)

Jay has been hard at work dealing with his issues. He'll be turning 22 in about 2.5 weeks. How can I be the mom to a 22 year old?!? Someone needs to redo the math! LOL I think I may have given birth at an incredibly young age! Maybe I should have been in the book of Guinness Records! LOL

We're hunkering down and getting ready for winter . . . BRRRRR . . . and Christmas. I've not bought a tree yet and am hoping that I can manage to get one before Christmas Eve! I like to make it really challenging each year and wait till the last minute and almost not be able to find the perfect one! LOL But I plan to shop for one next week. REALLY! I'll post a pic when I do.

We've not had time for frivolous things such as books, movies, TV . . . well, OK, except for Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Clean House, but aside from that, ok, and a couple of episodes of Scrapbooking, but really, other than that . . . ummmmmmm, no yeah, nothing else . . . we've just not had the time to sit and devote precious time being entertained!

I do want to tell you that my biggest accomplishment this month . . . was making a total of 300 cards in one week! Whew! There were quite a few cards left over, cause along the way, we had some oops and so there's been a teddy bear invasion at my store over at Etsy! ;) There were mats and paper left over for about six more cards and even though I told myself I did not want to see or make another green, red and white card, I DID! Here is one just for your viewing pleasure:

For the very first time, since I bought it back in September for my birthday (a gift from my OLDEST sister, Lilly . . . she told me to stop telling you guys she's the oldest and I told her, "But you are!" LOL Aren't you glad I'm not your younger sister! LOL), I used the Crop-O-Dile! All I can say is get out of the way cause I'm punching holes and setting eyelets like NEVER before. I'm still figuring it out, but look at how awesome these eyelets came out! I just LOVE it! Love it, love it, love it!

Supplies: Nicole EYELETS(!); ricrac ribbon; cardstock; unknown printed paper (gift); unknown stamp (I unmounted it and thought I would remember forever and ever who the stamp came from, 8) ok, envision me rolling my eyes here and one pops out and rolls under the desk cause I often get way enthusiastic rolling the eyes); Pebbles pearlescent chalks (love these!); glue and glitter.

Well, that's about all I have to share with you this month. I absolutely must get going! I just received an email that I won a Toyota Cirrious (that's how it's spelled in the email from the attorney!)! All I have to do is send a cashier's check to some foreign company in a third-world country to get the keys! How incredibly lucky I am! I know, I know, something like this could NOT have happened to a nicer person! LOL ;) Hope you have a good day and . . . please . . . think of me driving around in my much deserved and needed new car! LOL ;)


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