Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You know you are a scrapper when . . .

. . . your scrapping hobby dictates what you buy for dinner!

See this:

I purchased it with quite a bit of hesitation. First of all, it was $3.49 for 2 ounces! Kinda pricey in my book! The spices themselves are inside a little plastic bag and it comes with the cutest little scoop! Still . . . $3.49! Secondly, Jay won't eat any meats covered in ANY kind of sauce, so I would be the only one eating meats covered in this. That alone might require cooking two dinners in one night. Finally, reading the description and directions . . . sent me into a tailspin!
First it reads:
"Great for Grilling, Broiling, Baking & Roasting."
So, I thought to myself, "OK, NOT just for BBQing!" For those of you from the south, there's NO BBQing during the winter months in New Hampshire!
"Turn the cookout around with a brand new taste! Fit for the perfect backyard barbeque, the sweetness of brown sugar balances with the bite of ancho & chipotle powder in this blend perfect for ribs, pulled pork, and sweet potatoes. Garlic, onion, allspice and cloves mingle with these two flavors to create a symphony of Southern bliss."
So, I thought to myself, "OK, I'ma Southern 'n sum of dem dere spices sound purdy good." I had to throw in my Southern drawl for that though! Exhausting!
Then the directions:
"Sprinkle a bit on all sides and massage the rub into the meat with your hands and cook as desired. For a bigger bang in your barbeque, refrigerate and let the Sweet Southern BBQ Rub penetrate the meat a few hours before cooking."
Jeez, massaging? That sounds like a lot of work and getting kind of intimate with the meat!
So, I had to have some serious thought about the whole thing. I placed it back on the grocery shelf and start to walk away, but I keep getting drawn back to it. I must have spent a good 15 minutes standing there trying to decide whether I should bring it home with me or not. I finally gave in to that little voice I like to call "Reason."
Wanna know why? Because despite everything I'd read and the hefty price tag, all I could see was this:

And the worst part? They have seven other flavors! Oh, boy.


  1. OOOH! What an awesome tin! I'd buy it for that, too.

  2. I like little box for alter it hehehehe Thanks for your visit to my blog about cards!!! you do a beautiful works too!!!!! Kisses and Thakns from México!!!!! :-)

  3. this entry made me laugh. Glad you got a cute tin out of it, but how was the rub?

  4. Dang Ema that is just too funny. Thought I was the only one that bought containers for that reason :D
    Thanks for the giggle.



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