Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Snowing, It's Snowing . . .

. . . so shouldn't an old man be snoring? Oh, no, that's a totally different thing! :) It actually is snowing and boy is it coming down! It's supposed to be really bad between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. so, boy howdy, am I glad I'm not working at the moment or I'd be stuck in an awful commute! :) Phew!

Today is Jay's birthday. He's 22! My daughter told me I was too young to have a son that old. Yeah, I think she wants me to turn her cell phone back on, but I saw right through that little ploy of hers! :) LOL Nonetheless, she's RIGHT! ;)

I did get our Christmas tree up and it's a live one!! Here is a picture of our tree. I'm posting one that I took at night, cause it looks prettier and it needs all the help I can give it in that department because I can't find the angel topper, garland and all the white ornaments! I'm just glad I could get a tree up! :) The ornaments are light pink and a hotter pink with a pearl finish. These are new. I did buy them last year, but didn't get to hang them on that tree. I was able to find some large silk poinsettias in shades of red and white and a large gold ribbon bow. I'm using the bow as our topper and I used the poinsettias as "fillers" for the tree.

I also managed to mail out 60 Christmas cards! I need to quit making friends! LOL Tomorrow, I call my mom and find out what she thought of the card I made for her. I'm scared! Seriously!

Well, I've been super busy finishing up altered items for gift giving. I have but a few more things to finish and I'll be all done! This crazy guy I know actually asked me if I could alter 14 wooden pocketbooks by Christmas. OK, I said he was crazy! :) LOL I should try to do so, because the money makes it really tempting; however, isn't this time of year supposed to be stress-free? Or is that just an elusive dream someone was wishing on me? LOL Anyway, I told him I didn't think I could do the pocketbooks, but maybe some journals. I made this one for a friend and he's "thinking" about it. Jeez, I hope he decides soon and doesn't decide to wait until Christmas Eve to tell me he wants the journals! LOL

Supplies: The Paper Collection - Vintage and unknown script paper; cardstock; ScrapGoods and TAC stamps; ribbon; Ranger embossing ink and powder; Colorbox inks


  1. The holidays should be stressfree huh?

    I love your looks so warm and cozy there!! Enjoy the snow!!

  2. Hehehe! I don't see what you can't do that?! Sounds familar to me too! :) Great project!! TFS!

  3. Your tree looks fab, I'm hoping to persuade hubby to put ours up this weekend. Enjoy the snow, we very rarely get any

  4. Gorgeous Christmas tree. We don't have ours up yet either. But it has to wait until the babies stay home for the holiday break. They'd have it tore down in a heartbeat! Not gonna happen here! Enjoy the SNOW!

  5. The tree is beautiful!! The journals look great I hope he said yes!

  6. Pretty tree. I miss the first snow of the year but not to worry my daughter kept me posted on the snow they got yesterday so I could envision it and not shovel

  7. I love your little Christmas tree!! It is so pretty!! I never did get a picture posted of mine, maybe I'll have to do that. I absolutely LOVE the journal!!! It is sooooo pretty!! I LOVE LOVE the stamps you used!! The color combo with the pink, black & white is perfect!! (this crazy guy I know)-LOL- you are such a nut!!


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