Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Mom's Christmas Card

I had high hopes for this week. I intended to finish a heap of things and get all this checked off of my Christmas to-do list. What did I want to accomplish this week? Well, I'm in the middle of altering, get this, one clipboard; two wooden box purses; four Whitman chocolate boxes and one small wooden box. I haven't bought our Christmas tree yet. My son's birthday is next Thursday and I haven't shopped for that. I have a Christmas party to attend next weekend that I haven't had time to completely freak out about. I have approximately 50 Christmas cards that I've been attemtping to address and get in the mail. I joined a Christmas tag swap that is due the 15th and I cannot find the five almost-finished tags I started last month so I may have to restart those! I write an annual 'Twas the Night Before Christmas parody every Christmas and I've only written four verses out of 16! I've been trying to finish all of these things this week but one item has kept me from doing so. What could be interferring with all of my creativity you ask?

I've been totally freaking out about my mom's Christmas card. I've made a total of (I think) about seven this week alone just for her! It has to be perfect! HAS TO BE! Let me show you the first one.

Supplies: Pink Cat Studio stamps; red organza ribbon; unknown PP; cardstock; glaze pens; Ranger embossing ink; ScrapGoods red embossing powder; fine glitter; ColorBox ink

When I finished it, I thought it was very pretty. But then I started critiquing it. And critiquing it and critiquing it and by the time I was done, I'd worked myself up into a tizzy! So then I started on a second one, and then a third one, and by the time I was done, I ended up with this:

Supplies: Cardstock; TAC pp, tags and Oh Christmas Tree stamp; Stampin' Up Felicidades Siempre stamp; Ranger gold embossing ink and powder; gold organza ribbon; ScrapGoods nailhead; Colorbox white ink; Tim Holtz Peeling Paint and Vintage Photo inks and Vintage Photo distressing powder; foam dots; fine glitter
So I am posting this now as quickly as possible before I talk myself out of it and make another one!
And now to get to my regularly scheduled program and maybe get some work done! :) Next week, I may have a post for every day! LOL I hope anyway! :)


  1. I like both of these cards. The first is happy and playful. The second is warm and beautiful. You have a lot of diversity in your work. Nice job!!!

  2. WOW Ema!! These cards are absolutely breath-taking!! I think your mom will love ANYTHING you do!! And I also know the feeling of running around this time of year pretty much the same way you're describing! :) (Don't know if that helps you feel better or not!) Probably not! Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful creations! :)

  3. These cards are both great, I love the bright non traditional colours you have used on the first one. The second one is so elegant, fabulous backing paper. I hope you manage to get everything finished, its so busy at this time of the year and there is always so much to do. Take care

  4. Hi Ema,
    I am in the midst of many of the things you described in your post - but I am amazed at what you've gotten done in spite of all your other activities! I love the cards for your mother, each one is different but both are beautiful. My favorite is the first one with it's bright colors, but you will know which one your mom will like best and she will love it! (and it HAS to be perfect...LOL)

  5. Oh...I really love both. One is so so elegant & the other is so so fun! Really amazing!

  6. both cards are great, very different but both turned out perfect!

  7. Wow tehy are so stunning christmas cards. wonderful sketch and stamps. Wow I is enthusiastically like you the paper begins. I will soon again visit yours blog until then

  8. We are our own worst critics Ema. I think your mum will love either of these cards because you've made it. As simple as that. I love them both but I think the bottom one just wins it for me by a squeak. Lol x

  9. Wow love both cards.. You are super busy!! And I was happy that I addressed my Christmas cards to send tomorrow and still have bunch left over.

  10. WOW! I love them both...they are both so different. The first one is cute & fun the 2nd is more elegant and rich looking. I really like that pretty brad and papers you used.

  11. Ema,

    You silly girl, stop stressing so much about the card--Christmas is suppose to be stress free (ha ha). Anywho, I love both cards. You can send the rejected one to me(LOL). Happy Holidays!

    Did you find your tags? I just finished mine last night. I MUST get them in the mail today. Can't wait to see what you came up with--mine are a twist on a tag (not your traditional tag). Hope you like it.

  12. Very different color combos, I like them! Fun designs! :)

  13. Hi Ema,
    I love both of your cards! My favourite is the first one. Okay, I may be a bit biased 'cause I designed that stamp, hee hee :) I would love to add your card to my store gallery if that is okay with you. Your card is so fun and festive. I love the colours and the action in the swirls. Great job!!
    Happy Holidays to you!!

  14. Ema,

    both cards are well, being from New england too, wicked nice. I think it's impossible to prioritize this time of year, but in the end everything gets done! good luck

  15. OMG! Ema - I love, loVE, LOVE the first one!! The second one is beautiful but that first one - OH!!

    Having fun checking out your blog - looking forward to getting to know you even better in the coming months as a SBS3!
    I live in Amarillo so I feel tied to you since you lived in Lubbock!

  16. Hey, sister! You've been tagged, post 7 things about yourself and tag a few others!!

  17. WOW Ema these cards are just down right GORGEOUS! :)

  18. I love those cards Ema!! I have the TAC set and love it!!

    PS...can you email me your snail mail and birthday info! Thanks!!

  19. Beautiful card.

    Happy New Year

  20. Beautiful & Fun!! I love them both!! The first one is fun & funky-love all of the glitter!! The second one is very elegant with all of the gold. Love the DP on both of them! When you told me about the card I knew she would love it!!


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