Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh, how I wish . . .

. . . I could show you what I've been up to! Alas, I can't. What I will tell you is that we survived the nor'easter! It is WICKED cold, but we have not lost power, knock on wood, and we were able to keep warm all weekend. Mind you, I slept with THREE blankets, but warm I was all night long. Church was a no go on Sunday due to the weather. That's how bad it was! Anyway, hope you are keeping warm and I'll be posting soon some other stuff I've been working on that I CAN show you!


  1. Hi Ema,
    You have done some terrific cards and projects. I love them all! And your Christmas tree is too cute. Take care,

  2. This NH weather has been crazy this last week! I can't believe all the snow! Glad you didn't lose power. Stay warm, it's cold out there! :)

  3. Hope the weather is improving and you're not too cold. I have been looking a pics of the storms on the internet, they look so bad

  4. So sorry to hear that! I hope you are warm and toasty now!! Thank God, we have only had that happen to us once, but with the icey weather coming over our way, we may not avoid too much longer! We've thought about investing in a generator...but they are, (as you would say: "wicked") expensive! :) Stay warm and take care!

  5. I've missed alot of your Fabulous projects lately!! the decorated can!! Hope the weather is better there now. Take Care and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  6. Hope you are all warm and things are getting back to normal after the storms. Lol x

  7. Hope you are staying warm!! It has been soooo cold here the past few days!! -22 yesterday!! Hope to chat with you soon!! Happy New Year!!

  8. This weather lately up here in NH has been ridiculous!! I think it went from crazy to ridiculous when the temp hit 3 degrees!!!

  9. Happy New Year SBS3 Sister. Hope you are safe and warm. Lol Lynn xx


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