Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, it happened . . .

on the 18th of September . . . I turned another year older. Sadly, not any wiser though! LOL

Jason had an interview on Saturday at Covenant Hospital and it went really well. We hope to be hearing Monday or Tuesday from HR and we are praying about that. It will be such a load off of my shoulders and I can then move out on my own as well, which is what I am really looking forward to! I love living with my sis and BIL, but I'm starting to run out of closet space! LOL

Nina will be here Saturday and I am counting the minutes! I haven't seen her since late February. My only regret is that I am unable to take time off from work so that we can spend more time together, but we will have evenings and part of the weekend. She leaves the following Saturday and I plan to cram in as much family time as possible. I want her to get back to New Hampshire and get incredibly homesick and ask to come home! What a devious plotter I am! I had no idea I had it in me! LOL

For my birthday, on Wednesday night, we celebrated at church. My sis, Lilly, gave me some jewelry that I loved! My sis, Eva, gave me a gift certificate to Beall's because she knows there's an outfit there that I am dying to own! I will probably be going out there in a couple of weeks to get the outfit! I hope it's still there!

Then on Thursday, Sears had a luncheon for me. They had a cookie cake from Mrs. Field's brought in for me. I hadn't had one of those in way too many years! It was a nice celebration!

Then today, after church, Lilly tells me that my oldest brother, Gilbert, needed to talk to our mom and I was to drive her over there immediately. I was a bundle of nerves as to why we had to do this! Once we got there though, it turned out it was a surprise birthday dinner from my brother and his wife, Olga. I loved that my birthday was celebrated over a few days! It made it all that much more fun! LOL

Oh, BTW, Jason remembered all on his own to call me that day and wish me a happy birthday! First time in his entire lifetime! He always had his sister or a family member to remind him. I was so proud. Nina sent me a text message, but she usually was not the one that had to be reminded that it was my birthday anyway. Even when she was pretending to be an orphan, she still called me on my birthday.

That's the latest update on the ins and outs of my life these days. Not much of one, but I had to share the news about Jason. Say a little prayer for him if it comes to you. It is something he and I have been praying about since he moved out on August 8th.

Hope all of you are doing well and if Jason gets the job, I'll be moving out and the first thing I'm getting, yes, even before furniture, is a computer! I'll be back on here in full swing! I have so many ideas and creations that I want to share with you! Have a blessed week! :)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya'll! I bought a car! 2001 Ford Taurus, royal blue. I'll have to take a pic and post it soon. It's got some great hail damage and 112,000 miles, but hey, they are all highway miles! LOL I THINK that's supposed to be a good thing! LOL

Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's been a while since I've written anything. It's been even longer since I've done anything writing about! LOL Did want to let ya'll know that the last permanent job . . . thankfully . . . did not work out, but that's ok because I am now working for SEARS Home Improvement Products and all I can say is that I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I've never been happier about a job! Great benefits, pay and duties! I have to dress professional every day and that has made me feel better about myself. Something about high heels, a dress and make-up that just makes me feel girly! And believe me, I've never been much of a girly girl so that says a lot! LOL I'm enjoying buying make-up, pretty clothes and shoes! I'm up to about 15 girly shoes! I can hardly believe it! Of course, my love for pocketbooks is just as out of control now as it was before I started working at SEARS! I just keep adding to THAT collection! Really, I'll just have to take pics some day and share with you!

Jay has moved out on his own. Sadly, not exactly the way I wanted things for him right now, but it just has to be like that. Not to get into too much detail, but those of you who know my struggles with him will understand that it just had be done. Right after the July 4th weekend, he assaulted me. No parent should have to live with that kind of a memory or the fear that it instills in someone. I had to go visit him this past Friday and discuss something I knew he would not like and as I was leaving, I kept looking over my shoulder in fear! It saddens me to my very core. No amount of prayer can seem to comfort me right now. I tell myself that the Lord has his plans and reasons for things to happen the way that they have and do. I fear that I am losing Jason to a dark side that I don't understand. I cling to the hope that someday, my prayers will be heard and he will feel God's presence in his life and get past this hurt and anger he feels for me over imagined things that he's come to believe happened during his childhood. Who of us really remembers things as they happened? I know I do not remember everything exactly as it really happened. If I had the energy to relate some of the things that he insists happened in his childhood, you'd have to join me in a moment of laughter! Because at this point, that is all that I can do!

Anyway, he moved out on his own on August 8th. He seems to love his personal space. We rented him a one-bedroom and he hardly uses the bedroom! He set up his bed as a sofa in the livingroom and spends all his time in there! What is one to do? He's trying to figure things out on his own and sometimes that is frustrating for the both of us, but over all, I pray that it continues to get better for him and our relationship . . . what is left of it at this moment anyway. I did things backwards. I rented him the apartment and now we are trying to find him a full-time job. But it just had to be done like that. I couldn't bear to live with him any more. And remember, we have been staying with relatives all this time. I thank God for the love of my sister, Lilly. She seems to at least be able to understand the struggles I've had with Jason and exhibits a great deal of patience with what I am going through right now. Her husband, Clyde, is just forced to go along for the ride and I thank him for loving my sister enough to put up with me too! LOL

Nina has finally come around and is speaking to me again. Her reasons for not communicating with me are complex and difficult to understand, but I am just grateful to have her in my life once again. She plans to come visit the last week of September. I hope that she so enjoys the visit here that she won't want to go back to New Hampshire! LOL As she would have said when she was younger . . . AS IF! LOL Her choices continue to amaze me and the only comfort I get from that is that she often tells me that I raised her right and in God's path and that these choices she is making are hers and no reflection on my parenting. WHEW! I was starting to feel paranoid! LOL She attempts to comfort me with the saying that some good parents have bad kids and some bad parents have good kids and she feels badly that I got bad kids. At least I am finally able to believe that I was not such a failure in parenting my children. Because let me tell you, I was feeling like a big fat zero when it came to that! :(

Anyway, that's the latest update. I hope to soon be back to creating paper art, especially since Halloween is right around the corner and I love making Halloween cards! I just visited my friend, Heidi's, blog and she has an awesome Halloween card. I can't believe I can call her a friend! She's on the design teams for Crafty Secrets (I LOVE THIS PLACE) and Spellbinders! Her talent is just so awesome and intimidating to me. Gee, I hope she also considers me her friend! LOL

Anyway, for those of you who continue to visit me during my absence, thanks for being patient with my lack of blogging of late and I hope you will be back to visit my place again when I can get back on the computer on some sort of regular basis! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally . . .

I landed a permanent job! So now both, Jay and I are employed and soon we will be looking to move out on our own! I am sooooooooo excited! I mean who doesn't love staying with relatives . . . (I mean, really . . . who doesn't?) but as much as my BIL, Clyde, and sis, Lilly, insist we stay on, Jay and I desperately need our own spaces. :D And before even buying a red can opener I must first get a COMPUTER!!!!!! Especially, since . . .

As you can imagine, staying with relatives for . . . what? . . . 4 months now . . . has been just such a heap of fun, but I think it is time Jay and I get moving along. ;) There are lots of wonderful things to be said about staying with relatives, but let's face it, there are just some things you can't do at a relative's home that you can do in your own place.

First of all, I have to wear clothes ALL THE TIME! 8) LOL Secondly, I can't "create paper arts of wonder" as often as I would like. Most of my things are still in boxes and (although, staying with my sis is practically living in the lap of luxury) there is no table in the guest room so I have to cart things back and forth between the guest room and kitchen bar whenever I want to make something, and well, sometimes in the carting back and forth, I lose my mojo! Who'd of thunk that?

Sadly, (for me anyway! ;) ) I am not posting anything today but I do have some cards that I have made recently that are just way too WICKED AWESOME (in my opinion! LOL) to not post; however, the digital camera refuses to cooperate. I plan to work on that issue this weekend and get something posted. The new job starts on Monday, so there will be even more limited time on the puter. Hence, the whole moving out and purchasing a computer before a red can opener! Although, today I was out running around with my other sis, Eva, and I saw the most AWESOME manual shiny red can opener. Top quality too! It was a name brand at JCPenneys! Soooooooo . . . reeeallllly . . . I think it would be OK to be tempted by one like that! LOL

Oh, BTW, if you've not checked this out lately, be sure to check it out today!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me & My Big Ideas

I joined a recipe swap (again!). I got the bright idea of making my own embellishments. I remembered thinking I was just so clever for thinking of that all on my own! Well, after 18 cards and six of them with lots and lots of itty, bitty pieces, I hope it's a long time coming before I have any more big bright ideas! Here's the one that almost made me cry!

Is the crockpot too cute or what? Yeah, that's what I thought after I made the first card. I didn't have that same thought after the sixth one! :D
This one wasn't so bad except that my eggs started looking less and less egg-shaped as I went along! LOL

Supplies: Cardstock (lots of it!); Pebbles chalks; EKS aluminum paper (I think that's what it is called!); stamps ?' Palette ink

Oh, I almost forgot. I made this to put a little cash in it for my mom. For those of you who are familiar with my pocketbook fetish, of course I asked if I could borrow it sometime! LOL. It measures about 2"X3" or something like that.

Supplies: Pretty paper - a gift from Deb over at AW&CT; lock - ScrapGoods; rhinestones - ME; gold cording - ?; gold embossing ink and powder - Ranger

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I can't believe it's been that long since I blogged last! If this were a paying job, I'd be owing blogger some money! LOL Anyway, graduation is upon us and I've been busy, busy, busy making graduation cards for family members. This is one I am particularly pleased with and I just HAD to show it to you. IRL, it is very shimmery and I really, REALLY, really wish the camera had caught that more! :)

Supplies used: Cardstock; shimmer/glimmer cardstock (I hoarded it for so long that I forget what it's called or by whom! My bad!); organza ribbon; Prisma glitter; Pebbles pearlescent chalks; StampsHappen postcard stamp; Stampabilities sentiment stamp; OTC eyelet; ScrapGoods nailhead; ME rhinestone; Palette ink

This weekend I'll be busy creating Mother's Day cards! Then, I'm not sure, but there may be some wedding cards in the future as well! This is keeping me busy, since I am not able to get on the computer as much as I'd like to. Boy, if I had the time, I'd have some stories to tell you! So maybe it's NOT such a bad thing that I cannot get on here as often as I'd like! LOL ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's a little something . . .

that I made from a kit swap. I'm not sure where the paper, stamp or embellishments are from other than from my friend, Liz. I think the stamp is cute and one I'd never seen before that's for sure! :) I love all the bright, vivid colors of the paper.

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. I'm hanging on for the weekend, which will be a lot of hanging since my weekend won't start until April 18th or somewhere thereabouts! lol

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

that's all I can say! It's not even an excuse to be perfectly honest! :) I can't seem to be able to get on the computer as often as I'd like, but here I am to post a card I made for a swap over at SCS. Wish I had lots of time to update you on all that is going on, suffice to say, I'm still working, living with my relatives and looking for a vehicle and a new home. All in that order too! :) I hope things get settled soon, in the mean time, I hope you enjoy this stamped image. I forget now what it's called, but I want to say something like Libby the lady bug, but I'm probably wrong! If I figure it out I'll come back and update you. I know it's from Whipper Snapper.

Is she just too cute or what?!? The paper is from the swap so I cannot tell you who's paper it is, flower, pink brad and ribbon is from my stash and the shaped brads are from HOTP and of course, I used my Pebbles chalks, cause I LOVE my chalks! :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I know what you are thinking . . .

where the heck have I been?!? If you are not thinking that, well, why not? :)

We've (Jay and I) made the move from New Hampshire to Texas. We are working on getting settled in. Guess what? We both got jobs! I, with Stenocall, a calling center, as a bi-lingual operator and Jay with Burger King. Some of our boxes arrived safe and sound. Woohoo! I'll be scrapping soon! I've been working on a few things and will be posting soon, I hope! As for my Blogging Sisters, I'll be dropping by for a visit soon! Sorry for my absence from your blogs. Please continue to be patient with me. If things continue to look rosy, I'll be back on board pretty soon!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Believe it or not . . .

I'm NOT dead! I may feel like it, but every morning, to my surprise, I open my eyes and have to get out of bed. Anyway, I'm still trying to get over the blows life has dealt me recently. I also wanted to let everyone know that Jay and I are moving back to Lubbock, Texas! We are leaving March 6th and right now, we are VERY busy trying to decide what it is we can live without and what it is we cannot live without. Boy, nothing like life-altering events to make that much, much easier. On the other hand, at this point, I'm so sick of boxes that it is super easy just trashing some stuff that I've hung on to for years becaues I never knew when I might need it! Isn't that great!?!

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and cards that I received. Your thoughtfulness is so very appreciated.

I haven't forgotten about the blog candy, just been super busy with one thing or another and cannot give it the attention it deserves, but I'll make up for it next month. Pinky promise! Does that mean if I don't keep my promise, someone will chop off my pinky? I've often wondered about that. :)

Here's a card I absolutely HAD to finish for a swap over at SCS. My first Bella stamped image! I received a couple of extra stamped images and so now, believe it or not, I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HOARD THEM! lol I hope I can make myself use them some day! :D

Supplies: stamped Bella image, Stickles, metal tag and PP from a swap; ribbon; cardstock; Pebbles chalks; silver glitter pen; Prisma fine glitter; eyelets

Friday, February 15, 2008


Okay, I've been missing in action for quite some time now! Please be patient! I've got sooooooooo much stuff going on in my life right now that I can't even see straight these days no matter how hard I try! I know I promised some blog candy about this time of the month and I do have it, just haven't the time it takes to post that in its entirety, but I will soon, PROMISE! As for my blog sisters, I'm so sorry I've not been able to visit ya'll's blogs with the regularity I had hoped to be able to by now, but hopefully soon as well!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Design Team Call

Angels Wings and Crafty Things (AW&CT), a newly formed faith-based message board (MB) is looking for three new Design Team (DT) members! Come join the fun, fellowship and friendship!

We’re a new and growing MB. We’d love to have you join our family. We want to grow and with your help we can do so! We would like our DT members to promote our products through personal blogs and any online galleries currently participating in and where allowed.


We are accepting applications through February 29th. Winners will be e-mailed directly and we'll make a formal announcement on March 5th. The position will begin with an April project (kits will be sent out during the month of March). The term is for six months. After the six-month period, we will have another DT call and current members are encouraged to re-apply. It is important that DT members be computer literate and possesses the knowledge to resize pictures to submit to the message board and photo gallery. It is VERY important that DT members be able to communicate with the DT Coordinator and have the time and energy to commit to a six-month term. Sorry, we are unable to accept international applications at this time. Active participation on the MB is a must! When registering on the MB, please notate under “Interests” scrap booking, card making, paper crafting or that you are applying for the DT. This will allow the AW&CT DT Coordinator to know that you are not a SPAMMER!

To apply, please provide the following information:

Mailing address:
Phone number:
Link to blog (if you have one):
Links to other online galleries and user name:

If you are a member of another design team, please list which ones and how long your term is for that DT. No prior DT experience preferred.

Please submit ideas for a challenge AND a tutorial or technique. This can be an outline or a detailed submission. Please demonstrate knowledge of paper crafting and the ability to pass on this knowledge through these two venues.

Please write a short essay about your scrapping background and yourself, your scrapping style, whether you are a card maker, scrap booker, paper crafter or all three. Please include a head shot of yourself. This will be used for your bio on the message board. Please provide an insight into your faith and lifestyle. Are you a SAHM, career woman, student? Tell us how you keep busy and what you expect to come away with from your experience on a design team.

Submit one favorite LO (old/new) and explain why it is your favorite. Prepare two new LOs and two additional paper craft projects that best represent your style and faith. You may submit cards, altered items, mini albums, tag sets, etc. Please resize images to an appropriate size for emails. Send your application to Please write DT Submission in the subject line of your email.


DT members are expected to post a minimum of 60 posts THROUGH OUT the month. This can easily be accomplished by answering the QOTDs (life and craft) and the required posts that are expected from a DT member. As a DT member, it will be your responsibility to be alert for spammers or negativity on the MB. These should be reported immediately to the administrative staff.

DT members are expected to post a monthly challenge and a technique or tutorial. These are assigned on a monthly rotating basis. There are six DT members and a six-month term. Each DT member will be assigned one month to coordinate the challenge and technique or tutorial. Each DT member will be expected to provide one prize for their monthly challenge. This can be from your own personal stash and you are NOT required to purchase an item unless you chose to do so.

If you maintain a personal blog, AW&CTs expects links to the MB, monthly challenges and other DT members’ blogs on each blog. AW&CTs will provide DT members with a blinkie for use on their blog and signature lines on any other MB that they participate in and where links are allowed. Promoting the MB is the responsibility of each DT member and is taken very seriously.

Each DT member will also be expected to choose a member’s project from the member gallery on a weekly basis during their assigned month and highlight this on the MB for other members to view and comment on. As a DT member, it is your responsibility to promote the MB’s photo gallery whenever possible and encourage current members to visit the gallery often. This promotes growth within the MB and also promotes appreciation for each other’s work.

Four projects (one LO and three paper crafts) are required from the monthly DT packet. Two items should be posted on the 1st of each month and two additional items on the 15th. DT members are also required to post two additional non-DT items in the gallery to encourage other members to also post their items. DT members agree to release the rights of projects if manufacturers request the use of the submission for promotional purposes. All items submitted to the DT may only be posted in the gallery for 30 days. After 30 days, projects can be posted on other online galleries and personal blogs. Deadlines are strictly enforced. If a DT member does not meet any ONE deadline, the following month’s DT packet will not be sent to that DT member. The only exception to this is if the DT member has communicated to the DT Coordinator regarding the status of their obligations. This information is shared amongst all DT members and kept within the DT. No information is shared with the MB members unless it affects the MB.

DT members are required to check in with the DT Coordinator on a weekly basis by email (due by Sunday night of each week). We emphasize the importance of communication and consistency from our DT members. DT members are representing the AW&CT MB and store and we ask that members maintain professionalism and always promote the MB whenever the opportunity arises.

The MB has a chat room and a weekly chat. DT members are expected to actively participate in this chat room during the weekly scheduled chat time. If a DT member is not able to participate, the DT Coordinator should be informed of this during the weekly check in with the reason for the inability to participate.

AW&CT will host two annual cyber crops. The first one will be during the month of July and is a Christmas-themed crop. Please be prepared to participate in this cyber crop with ideas and/or your presence. If you are unable to actively participate in a cyber crop, please do not apply for the DT.

Each DT member is strongly encouraged to submit one project for publication of their own choosing during their tenure.


DT members will receive free products through a monthly packet to use for creating their projects.
DT members will receive a 40% discount in the AW&CT store on regular priced items. This does not include items in the bargain basement.
DT members will receive a 10% discount and free shipping for items purchased from a MB rubber stamping consultant.
AW&CT is a NEW MB and items may be added as growth allows. AW&CT’s success depends on the participation of ALL DT members! We hope you will join our endeavor to make our MB a huge success!

Please register at

Friday, February 1, 2008

Drum Roll Please!

OK, I have written out all the names from the Blog Candy post onto small scraps of scrapping paper. Isn't that fitting? I tossed them into my favorite ice cream bowl (since it's empty this time of year) and my son, Jay, did the honors. Since I'm feeling an enormous amount of guilt over my lack of activity on here, I've decided to give TWO stamps away! Woohoo! So, the lucky gals are . . .

Linda SS and


Please email me your mailing address so I can forward your prize to you.

Thanks to all of you who posted and played! If you are an animal lover, check back with me in mid-February! I'll be posting two TAC stamps and you'll get to chose which one you want! I think that's the BEST blog candy! And if I'm still not able to get on here often enough and feeling guilty about it then, I may give two away!

I may not be as active right about now as I had hoped to be. I've had a beloved friend diagnosed with stomach cancer and all of a sudden, I just can't get enough of his company! ;) I always used to think of him as a pretty nice guy and it took this to wake me up! I actually think I love the silly man! Go figure! He's doing well for now. He's working on a second opinion and seeing a nutritionist. Thanks to all who have given helpful links. I'll keep you posted! BTW . . . his name? Fireman Steve! But I like to call him Steve! :) Although, I'm thinking he wants me to call him Smoochkins! LOL

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog Candy Update

WOW! Stampin' Up has a lot of fans! :)

Just wanted to let ya'll know that I have a lot of new subscribers and I'm unable to identify all of them. If you signed up for the blog candy and the newsletter, please make sure that your comment lets me know that you did so so that I can submit your name for the blog candy an additional five times. I recognized two email addys under the subscriptions that did not comment so I know that they ONLY signed up for the newsletter and are not signing up for the blog candy. Also, I think there's a couple of comments that indicate that a link was placed on their blog, but there's no link listed and I have been unable to check and see if a link to the blog candy was posted. I just want to make sure I got everyone that signed up for it and that I submit the right number of entries for each of you that did. January 31st is just around the corner! Thanks for playing and passing the word along about the blog candy! :)

Can you believe it's almost February?!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


OK, maybe I don't understand the concept of monochromatic . . . I thought and continue to think it is ok to use white with this theme. Have I been wrong all this time? Anyway, I participated in a monochromatic card swap and made this card in lots of different colors, starting with brown and ending with silver (I think I ended up with about 7 cards). Along the way, I didn't like the outcome of each finished card, but I really liked the way this one came out. I can't use it because I used white paper for the BG. So, back to the drawing board! Since I liked it so much, and I rarely am happy with my own work, I decided to use it as a birthday card for my sister, Eva. On the inside of the card I wrote ". . . wishes for a very happy birthday." I had originally left the tag blank so that the recipient for the swap could write in their own sentiment. Besides, during this time of year, I think EVERYONE needs warm wishes for anything! :) I hope you're keeping warm!

Supplies: Cardstock; TAC stamp and tag; brads and rhinestones; Stampin' Up silver cord; jewelry bead; Colorbox quicksilver ink; Ranger embossing powder; glitter

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blog Candy!

OK, bear with me. This is my first time to offer blog candy! I hope I can get it all squared away with one post.

I'm offering the following The Angel Company (TAC) stamp as blog candy. For those of you unfamiliar with TAC products, this unmounted stamp uses a 3"X5" acrylic block and comes with EZ mount foam. If you post a comment and tell me your favorite stamp company it will count as one entry. If you subscribe to my newsletter, it will count as five entries. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, just let me know and I will give you the five entries. If you post a link to this blog candy post, I will give you an additional five entries. Please post the link to this post on your comment so I can see it. :) I will do a random drawing on January 31st. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Warm Wishes

and a Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers, friends and family! May you all be having a winter filled with the kind of weather you like! :) I've been soooooo busy trying to get over the holidays that if I told you what I'd been up to, you wouldn't believe it, so I won't tell you! LOL For my northern friends, here's a little warm thought sent your way because I know I am sorely needing it now myself! :) New Hampshire, as of 12/31/2007, has had 43 inches of snow; breaking a record from long ago! And for my southern friends, well, it's just a reminder of the kind of warmth you may be having at any given time! :)

Supplies: Cardstock; printed papers; sandpaper; Pink Cat Studio stamps; Pebbles chalks; glitter; glaze pens; Tim Holtz distressing and Whisper inks; jump rings and ribbon.
BTW . . . the bikini . . . matches the one I usually wear to the beach each summer too! ;)

Oh, and check this out! I found it at Dawn's All Pink Girl blog and was just so WOWED by it (is that a word and if it is, is that how it's spelled?) that I had to show it to you!


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