Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A letter to a friend

My dearest friend,

I feel like it has been a year and a day since we last spoke! lol Really though, wasn't it just about a month ago? You regaled me with stories of your birthday bash and I regaled you with . . . well, you know . . . public forum! lol Anyway, I often think of you and miss talking to you but of late, life seems to just keep getting in the way!

Let me update you a little bit . . . my new-to-me red car is just giving me one thrilling ride after another. Each day it gets me to work and back home without making any weird sounds or jerking! LOVE IT!

Jay? He's moved out on his own again! This time, he's moved into . . . get this . . . a one-bedroom house. Folks are, of course, criticizing me for dumping him in a drug-infested, crime-ridden neighborhood, but those are the folks that didn't have to live with him! It is not like that at all! Nina and I went to see it first and we thought the neighborhood seemed nice . . . and just last year, I went and saw two houses for myself in the same neighborhood that just did not work out for one reason or another. I think one did not have appliances and the other did not have W/D hook-ups. He seems quite happy at not having a neighbor on the other side of the wall or above or below. It's a small little house, but perfect for him! After all it's just him and his TV and video games. What else can a young man ask for? It's maybe about two miles to Covenant Medical Center. He's still employed there and although there have been talks of "restructuring" he still has a job and he seems happy with that as well. He's got a new counselor and we are excited at the possibilities this holds. He just started, but I'm very optimistic that this will be a turning point for him!

Nina? Well . . . now she's moved in with me! I must have someone live with me for a few months. Two car payments! Not sure I can do that on my own. She still has her old apartment and will not be moving completely out until the end of June, but for the most part, she's been staying with me since Jay moved out on the 12th. It's nice. She and I used to be very close when she was young and now that the "tween" years are behind us, we are once again finding things to talk about. She has always been a reader as I have been and . . . get this . . . she's started listening to C&W music! Funny as I seem to be "outgrowing'" that and listening more to Tejano music, but at least I know the artists she's referring to! She continues to work as a bartender and seems happy with that and well . . . what can I really do about that? She earns a good living and I guess that's what is most important to her at this time.

Did I tell you a got a new cell phone? Yes, a Moto Q 9c! I barely know how to answer it but nonetheless I feel so incredibly smart carrying around a "smart" phone! lol I had to change my phone number and I sent you a text message with the new number. I hope you got it!

Well, that's just a quick recap because what I really wanted to tell you is of my latest "discovery." We talked about this once and you raved about how liberating they were that I had to give them a try. Since losing weight, I find that my pants are riding down and tops are riding up. I did not want folks seeing my "granny panties!" So I had a look around and, to my dismay, all I could find were thongs! Do you remember our conversations about these? Well, I hope you do because I bought a pair based on your recommendation! It has taken some getting used to and there are times that I still look to put something on when I realize I already have something on! lol And you are right, they are somewhat liberating and . . . I cannot even begin to tell you . . . I even at times . . . feel quite sexy in them! lol I find that they also come with a dilemma and hence, you find me here writing you to ask for advice . . . although I've grown to enjoy wearing them I really feel as if I have a huge problem and I hope you have an answer for me or a suggestion, an idea . . . something to help me out! First, at my age, all of a sudden I've become quite modest! I must turn every shade of red when I have to pay for my purchase and it's a young man running the cash register! I believe that with time, I'll grow quite used to this whole novel idea, but what I most need help with is . . . how do I get the cashier to stop laughing . . . rolling around on the floor hugging themselves . . . crying "hahahahahahahaha, stop, *gasp* please stop, hahahahahahahaha!" long enough to ring up my purchase so I can be on my merry way? 8(


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