Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a little

vain . . . and worried! I'm afraid I will not look like my profile photo again. And I am sorry, but I think I was a very pretty woman! :( I had some serious injury to my face and the right side is fallen . . . and cannot get up! lol Seriously, because of the car accident, there has been some nerve and muscle damage to the eye area on the right side of the face where I received the brunt of the force from the truck that hit us. I wish I could make myself show you the photos I have been taking! :( Maybe when it gets better. My first appointment isn't until December 11th, so I will be looking like this for awhile. I've already warned the guys at the office! I told them I would not be that beautiful girl they were used to seeing at the office anymore and I had one of the guys ask me "When were you a beautiful girl?" phfffft!


  1. Ema, you will always be beautiful, on the inside and outside!!!

  2. Prayers for your recovery.
    And hey, why does vanity have a bad name huh?
    Heal soon.


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