Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a blessed 2010! 2009 is on its way out and too late to change, correct or redo anything. Life is short and precious and we never know when we will be called out. Make each moment count! Don't forget to tell loved ones you do!

I will be undergoing corrective eye surgery on January 14th. The Lord and power of prayer can accomplish many things and I know I will come out like my old self! Hmmmm, not sure this is what we all want! More on THAT later! I just want to be able to see! I know I am beautiful on the inside and loved by adoring family and my dear beloved friends and cherished co-workers.

In a few weeks I hope to not look like this woman I don't recognize in the mirror:
Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with how I look! I just can not get used to it and it is no longer just about vanity . . .. . . I want to be able to see! Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I have to ask "Who is that *LADY IN RED*?"

BTW, I am returning to the gym on Monday because I feel like I am physically able to now and not because I am trying to be "Super Girl," "Wonder Woman," "Hero," or any of the other names I was called when I wanted to go back to the gym three weeks after my near-fatal accident! Thank you for your concern and support but I sincerely believe I am ready and, more importantly, my entire body no longer hurts when I just THINK about going back to the gym!

You remember "THE" accident back . . . early November . . . was it just a dream? No! Take a look at my face! It took that and a little more to wake me up and learn to appreciate loved ones and life, but I do more and more with each passing day! Wouldn't you agree that I am, overall, a saner, nicer person? I think you should! I have held my tongue many a times since the accident! Maybe I should have held it more, but I am learning and doing my best! Anyway the accident gave me this sunnier disposition I now possess . . . just ask any of my cherished co-workers! Also, the "cute," "sweet," "endearing," "scatterbrain" thing I have had going on since the accident some of you have grown to love . . . I know we were all blaming it on the medication but it has been about three weeks since the last time I took meds! We should all also pray this is NOT permanent. PLEASE!!!!! I have had SEVERAL people tell me they like the difference in me because I am not such a know-it-all like I was before the accident, but remember, I would not have had to be such a know-it-all if some of you had at least known SOME of it! Remember, I'm a little bit crazy and I'm a little bit sane and all of this makes me the wonderful, loveable, bubbly woman before you!

Recently, Chaz Cameron shared a book with me . . . and I am so grateful to him for that . . . and I read something in it . . . actually a lot of stuff, but I am getting long-winded here . . . and I was trying really, really hard not to . . . I would like to share with you. It had a profound impact on my life . . . "The way we judge ourselves is the worst judge that ever existed." Don Miguel Ruiz . . . Think of this whenever you are being too hard on yourself for personal mistakes. It is VERY liberating! Forget and let go of the past! Don't wait to have your own near death experience before appreciating life and loved ones. May you live 2010, and every year thereafter, like it is your last!

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