Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just when I think

things cannot get any better . . . they do!

By now, all important people in my life, should know about the accident I survived on November 7th.

Nothing has been better than returning to life, family, church and work and being embraced by family and friends! I am so blessed to be loved and appreciated by so many! I have had kindness bestowed upon me beyond words. I thought I was down and out and family and friends came in and lifted me on their wings! How much more blessed can I get?!?

I was to have corrective surgery on my right eye on December 17th. It was rescheduled for January 14th. I had been VERY busy feeling sorry for myself. It struck me one night as I sat in church with my sisters and mother how much more there is to life than one's appearance! Life is so precious and good for me at this moment! I am ALIVE and loved! What more can anyone ask for? It has come to my attention that my vanity is just so . . . unnecessary! If that can be believed!?! I am surrounded by people that love me for what is in my heart and soul! I have discovered late in life that this IS all that really matters!

I am truly attempting to be a person who speaks kind words and completes kind actions. That is a lot easier said than done! There are so many folks we encounter in life that do not deserve these things! I could just go on and on about them! But what I really want is nothing more than to focus on life's good moments and have good thoughts! I have to tell myself repeatedly that these people mean nothing personal by their actions and just continue to love them for the human beings that they are. Is that not why we were put on earth?

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