Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Happened?

I realized today as I sat watching hours of TV . . . today is the second half of January! This year was going to be better than last . . . I was to accomplish more than I have over the past few years . . . not sure what happened?

Well, ok, I am waiting to have surgery that I feel has my life on hold . . . but I am not sure why! My face is only one part of who I am! I am still the fun-loving, funny, lovable gal I have always been . . . with maybe a little more patience . . . a little more kindness . . . a little more understanding . . . a little more tolerant . . . a little more forgiving! I do not understand why I feel I should put my life on hold because one of my eyes is a little fallen. According to an opthamologist . . . it is fixable . . . and if it is fixable . . . there really isn't anything wrong with me!

Well, ok, I am recovering from a bad cold that has kept me indoors all this weekend. But this should not have kept me from accomplishing great things within my home! I have things that need fixing . . . things that need hanging . . . things that need cleaning! On the other hand, I have been pumping myself full of Thera-flu so that I can be well for the upcoming surgery that I feel has my life on hold. It is important that I take care of myself!

Anyway, next time you see me . . . if I am sitting down doing nothing . . . please . . . pull the chair out from under me! I have LOTS of living left to do and I do not want to put it off any more!

This is the year that I will accomplish so much . . . I will live more . . . I will do more . . . I will be more . . . I will love more!

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