Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Final Chapter

I would like to share the final chapter in my ongoing accident saga. How does that Billy Currington song go? God is great, beer is good . . . I think life is good . . . people are crazy . . . I think people are fabulous but after some careful observations I realize . . . Billy knows what he is singing about!

These past three and a half months have seemed endless to me. I did have the surgery on January 21st. I so appreciate the numerous well wishing emails, texts and calls I received before and after the surgery!

According to the surgeon . . . and I happen to agree with him now . . . all went well. I looked like I had gone into battle with my face for a few weeks and during the first week, I felt like I couldn't be myself! During the first week of the healing process, I was not allowed to put anything on my face around the incision area and that was the hardest part for me. I am here to tell you . . . praise God . . . the end is here! I know family and friends who have not seen me since before the accident and only seen photos of the aftermath are curious.

There are some things that will never be the same. During extreme weather, cold or hot, I continue to have pain at the scalp line incision area. There are things I cannot do like I did before . . . some because the accident changed my disposition or abilities . . . some because I am way more cautious . . . in other words . . . I am no longer graceless! lol I am still exhibiting those ""cute" "sweet" "endearing" "scatterbrain" moments some of my loved ones seem to adore so much . . . but they do come further and further apart. I have come to appreciate the good times I had in life that made me the fun person I am . . . the tragic events that made me the caring, kind, forgiving person I continue to evolve into . . . the trials and tribulations I have endured that did not make me a bitter, angry woman . . . and the ability I have always had to see the glass half full and to make the best of things. I am happy with what I have . . . because . . . it IS all I can have.

Before I share the outcome, I want to share some thoughts. Why not? Whether these words are read or not is not for me to know. What I do know is that I want to share these thoughts and what better avenue do I have for doing so? Since the accident, things changed. I knew I had many friends . . . I discovered the love and loyalty of some of these friendships. I knew my family loved me . . . I discovered the depth of their love. I knew co-workers were fond of me . . . I discovered their sincere affection for me. I am so grateful to all of my loved ones who lifted me on their wings when I could not soar . . . I was wrapped in prayer and kindness when I felt faithless and lost . . . I was showered in love when I had none to give . . . these same loved ones were my umbrella when self-pity rained on me. After all that has happened, I have finally found what I have been looking for what seems like a lifetime. I found it in Him . . . and because of Him . . . I have also found it in me. Things may not be perfect in my world . . . but in my eyes and mind . . . I see things that are perfect for me. I am completely at peace . . . with whom and what I have in my life. I cannot even begin to express how touched I feel at this moment for having loved ones share in this journey with me. My life was impacted in ways others will never begin to understand . . . with kind words . . . love . . . presence . . . all of these actions have completed me in some way.

I have chosen pictures that I think tell the whole story . . . all the changes I have gone through of late. I couldn't share the post-photos right after because I could barely look at them myself. These made all the changes more real! I can look at them now and see the difference and be grateful for the skilled surgeon and God who guided his steady hand. I am relieved that I do not look like an entirely different person. People still recognize me! This is all good!

This picture is from the day after the surgery, January 22nd.

This picture is from January 24th, three days after surgery.

This picture is from January 27th.

This picture is from February 5th.

I am at peace with all of this!


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