Sunday, March 28, 2010

Food for thought

Some times what we perceive as hurt was just a loved one’s bad day. I have bad days. I do not intend to hurt those I love when I have a bad day but I can and I have. I do not love them less. It is what they perceive at the moment. I have to believe I can be forgiven for my bad days so I can go on. Sometimes I am not . . . this does not make it the end of the world . . . although it may feel so briefly.

Faith is believing unconditionally. We have faith, if we paid our electric bill, when we flip a switch we will have light. Why then is it hard to have faith in . . . finding hope . . . spending an eternity at peace . . . falling in love . . . after being hurt?

Do not be a victim in life . . . take control of your senses and self. Love unconditionally . . . be happy in that brief moment . . . when hurt, heal yourself . . . and continue the quest.

Often times, we hurt those we love the most . . . without meaning to. Apologize and believe they have the ability to forgive and forget just as you believe you would.

When I do not receive love or respect from whom I have in my life, life is too precious and unpredictable to stay; therefore, it is a blessing when they walk away.

Do not be afraid to love and hurt . . . to be alone out of fear of hurt is not living. What a waste of a majestic resource!

When I hurt . . . I cry . . . I scream . . . I cry again . . . I laugh . . . I heal . . . and life does not end but continues gloriously.

Lies we tell ourselves keep us from living. Stop believing your own lies which keep you from living, loving and having.

When we live in fear … anger … jealousy … hate … envy … betrayal … hurt … we create our own living hell.

I will not punish myself for whom or what I believe I should be. I forgive myself for not being perfect.

Attention is the ability we have to discriminate and to focus only on that which we want to perceive.

Be reckless with love . . . shower it on people . . . throw it to the wind and let it land where it will.

Let it go. Whatever it is that is causing you to be sad . . . angry . . . alone . . . let it go.

Everyone is a mirror.

Inner beauty lasts a lifetime.

Self rejection is unacceptable . . .

Love does not always equal hurt.

Do your best and live life productively.

Sometimes, love hurts but only if we let it.

Plant love . . . laughter . . . dreams . . . hope.

Forgive loved ones . . . and then truly forget.

Be real . . . more importantly . . . be realistic.

Walking away sometimes hurts, but hurts heal.

Perfection is our own interpretation of what it should be.

We can create chaos with our words . . . speak with caution.

The truth is the most important part of being who you are meant to be.

It is normal . . . expected . . . ok to miss companionship. We are all social creatures and are not meant to be alone. Ask my insanely beautiful, wise, young, prodigal daughter. She is the one who gave me permission to do this. I needed the permission.

These are my thoughts on life and help me get through daily battles or struggles. My thoughts are not wrong to me. I hope you read one that transforms your life.


  1. I enjoyed browsing your blog. What you said you said well. I haven't quite figured things out either but I keep on trying. I wish you luck, the good kind.

  2. Oh I love what you wrote! It is so true! We had been in a car accident September 25th of 2009! My Gradaughters 1st birthday & I was in the biggest vehicle, A tahoe! A ford tempo hit us & flung us into the side of a small cavalier, I was stuck in the vehicle & all I could think was, wait I'm in the bigger vehicle so why are other walking around & I cannot! Well I have lost use of parts of my body as hip & my knee will not be exactly the same! PLEASE don't get me wrong, I still walk & go, But as far as being up long or holding my 20 month old grandchild....well that is a minute or 2 max! Pain medicine gets me by for now & I am scared of being on the road still but I think I am getting there a little but I wanted to share my story because they are so close in time & the things following. You are still a beautiful woman! Hugs! Bobbie from Indiana


  4. Well said! Have you ever thought of joining Toastmasters International? You have an amazing story to share, and could become a motivational speaker.


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