Sunday, May 29, 2011

Look What I Got! :)

:( It isn't red . . . but it gets me around! :) 1997 and about 110K miles . . . good motor . . . . clean interior . . . . radio, A/C and power locks and windows still work! It is all good! All it lacked was sunroof and red paint! lol ;)

I haven't been home since I got it except for to sleep! Ha! J/K! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally . . .

I have been attempting to download these pics for a few days and just now Blogger finally let me do it! I was going crazy! Anyway, a few days ago I showed a tin recipe box and cards and asked you to stay tuned. Well, here they finally are!

The box . . .
a close up of the veggies on top . . .

First divider card was for appetizers and drinks . . . too long to fit with stamps! So I abbreviated and I think "starters' pretty much tells the story! lol Wouldn't you agree?!?

The next card was for main dishes so I cut right to the chase and labeled it "main". :)

The third divider was for the side dishes and would you like to venture a guess? :) Right . . . "sides"!

This one was for soups and stews and . . . . well . . . we know it wasn't going to fit! So I once again abbreviated . . . . "S&S"! lol ;)

Finally, everyone's favorite section . . . . desserts . . . . I wasn't willing to test the length and besides . . . I had the cutest stamp that would fit and tell the story in one word! "Sweet"! :)

I haven't done anything like this since 2008 so please . . . some leeway on the stash supply! :) I went home to NH in August 2010 to retrieve our things from storage and I since the accident and moving I hadn't really been able to buy much. Suffice to say the cardstock, brads, ribbon, TAC black ink, mulberry paper (icing on desserts) and flower buttons were from old stash . . . what I can tell you is the stamp sets are from Little Chef - Crafty Secrets and Guilty Pleasures, Grandma's Kitchen and Goes with Masterpiece Chef Gal - Raisin Boat . . . let me take a moment and rave about Raisin Boat! I found them on Facebook . . . where else? lol ;) They . . . get this . . . RENT . . . their stamp sets! What a novel idea?!? That was my first thought and now that I have been renting for awhile and even purchased quite a few stamp sets from them all I can tell you is TRY THEM! I absolutely LOVE them! Without a doubt! I like the idea of being able to try stamps before deciding if I cannot live without them! lol ;) Plus I also like the designs of the stamps I have purchased. I have bought stamps before I thought I would like and turned out maybe not so much. Not like I could really get my money back! Anyway, I love everything about Raisin Boat. The only thing I don't like if I had to pick something I didn't like is the size of the stamps but then what I love about the stamps are their size. KWIM? :) The printed paper is Cosmo Cricket's Double Deck with Material Girl and Garden Variety.

Aren't we all our own worst critics? I am sure if I nit pick my work I can find plenty at fault; however, I loved how these came out and I could hardly contain myself so I could show you what I had done! I rarely am pleased with my own work so this says a lot! :) lol I hope you have enjoyed looking at my work! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have been

up to something and it involves this . . . .

and these . . . .

and paper, scissors, glue, stamps and ink . . . and I can hardly wait to show it to you! :) Stay tuned!!!


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