Friday, July 15, 2011

I have decided . . . .

to just do it! I started the whole process July 7th so I am a little worried I may have gotten a late start but I am attempting to do it! What is it you ask? Wait a minute . . . . let me have good news to share! :)

There is a short list of things I want to get done. I will be 50 soon and realized . . . OMGee . . . I am running out of time! I best get to gettin'!

I lost 85 pounds between November 2008 and April 2010. 30 of those managed to find me again! :( But I am on the road to shedding something again. I am not going to fixate on a number . . . . I just want to feel better and LIVE LONGER! I still have so much to do!

I keep toying with the idea of being a home owner. The idea frightens me. Being a single female, I WANT to call a landlord to come fix things . . . but alas . . . this landlord I am straddled with . . . . makes the skin crawl. I am paying rent for . . . . a house with issues. I am torn between finding something nice and maybe more expensive . . . . or staying put and accepting what I have to put up with . . . . IDK? Then there is the whole moving thing. I don't want to move again; however, if I rent an apartment . . . the rent can and probably will increase over time. If I rent a house and heaven forbid the landlord passes before I do, the house could be sold and there I go again. :( I love this house. I want to ask the landlord if he will owner finance; however, the house needs a LOT of repairs. IDK? Things to ponder about.

There are less life altering things I want to do as well . . . golf better . . . I have the clubs but no one to play with! :( I want to try clay shooting but that is only to prepare myself for trying duck hunting someday! :) I would really love to go to Paris! I think it is a romantic idea and I am a hopeless romantic. Suffice to say, it would be a trip I have to take alone, but just to get to do it!

Sometimes I think about growing old alone and cannot help wonder is it really what I want to do? I have been single the majority of my life. I am very set in my ways. Can I change these things for the right man? Are there any right men left out there? I thought I had found one January 2009. He broke my heart for the absolutely last time in February 2011. YES! I finally learned my lesson! lol I suppose as all else in my life . . . I will leave it in God's hands. I believe it is the best place to leave most things. I prod along and certainly give God the opportunity to show me and maybe He has shown me I am best left to my own devices. :} lol

I should know by mid-week about my latest attempt. I will be sure to come back on here and let you know what it is and if it is happening! So far so good! It is looking better and better and more possible! :)

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