Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Intentions

Ever get an idea you couldn't wait to see come to fruition? I always get those ideas but I think I can honestly tell you I have NEVER had that happen FOR me. I start out great but as I go along ... I discover the color combo was not how I envisioned ... or I poked a hole in the wrong place ... I was way too generous with glue or ... my favorite ... I glued the focal point upside down! Yes! Unbelievable ... I know ... I know! I stayed home from work today because my labs were scheduled at 9:45 AM and MD appt was for 1:00 PM. Turns out the automated phone message was incorrect ... :-| ... anyway ... I thought I would occupy myself with a couple of projects I have wanted to alter for years! Yes ... years! :-| Here they are ... didn't come out as I expected but I am happy with them anyway ... shocker!

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