Sunday, June 17, 2012

Can Craziness

Yes, can craziness. First let me explain. These small cans were a Christmas gift a couple of years back. I could NOT make myself throw them away! I just couldn't! But that is not what necessarily makes these cans craziness. It is that I altered a total of TEN! Don't worry! I do not plan to show you ALL of them. Just my favorites. :) lol Which number, I think EIGHT! ;) See ... not ALL of them. :) These are the cans I could not make myself throw out.

So this is the first one and in all of these I used long-hoarded stashes so I can no longer remember what is what but as I continue I hope to get better so you can also find where I got what I used. :) I do remember I used Michael's Recollections boarder punch! ;)

This one was my absolute FAVORITE! I used two of my Raisin Boat stamp sets, Highly Confidential and Urgent Message and Crafty Secrets SM28 Office 101 stamp sets. Remember ... the can is round! :)

Then I have to show you up close just how clever I can be! lol ;) I used wire for the clips!

This last can is actually a set of two. It ties in to my next post of cans because I also have a stash of Ovaltine cans! From my days of chemo ... when all I could keep down was liquids ... I have lots and lots of cans of Ovaltine. :)

I don't know about you but I am having a blast showing you what I have made! :)

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