Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Call Me "Scrap Lady"! :)

I think I may have posted this before but I am on a mission to rid my world of scraps! Yes. I. Am. :) This was inspired by two things I saw on Pinterest. First, you've seen my dryer sheet flowers. Well, I got to thinking if it works with dryer sheets ... why not scraps? Then I saw an entire set of cards made from scraps and I thought to myself "Gasp!" Why hadn't I thought of that? So here is my take on all that. EVERYTHING you see on here are scraps! EVERYTHING! :) I cannot tell you how liberated I feel! lol ;) I also included a close up of the flower made from scraps using the idea of the dryer sheet tute I saw earlier this week. Lots of circles but I used a pencil top to press these against foam and this curled the circles into "cups". I saw that on a different tute for making roses but I used it with these circles. :) I layered a few to give it dimension and I think it worked! I used a Raisin Boat Formal Phrases sentiment and I know what you are thinking ... I am about a month and a half late ... but I like to think I am 11 and a half months early. ;) lol

I know I already posted once today and the only reason I am posting twice is because I was not able to get on here last night. :) I didn't want you to miss me! ;) lol

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