Friday, June 15, 2012

Now what!?!?!

Again ... I am not sure where to start?!? I have been so busy of late doing lots of crafty things that I have oodles and oodles of stuff to share! :)

Well, let me tell you about the latest great thing I bought! I use to subscribe to HOTP template club and June's template was ... is ... wicked awesome! :) Here are two cards I made from the kit:

Aren't they awesome?!? :) I think so anyway. My showmanship ... is that a word? ... lacks a little these days but that is only because of my impatience! Anyway, the PP is from HOTP and the label portion of the design are ... of course the labels, the flowers, the small tag and the butterflies.  The designs are also from the kit's newsletter. HOTP has two label sets and I am going to purchase the second set. :) I cannot wait! I made this card using the template as well but the design was inspired from something I saw on Pinterest. Have you heard of it? I am horribly addicted to the darn place! :-\ But OMGee the ideas I have discovered over there. I could craft for the rest of my life and not finish all the things I have pinned. :)

I made this using the label template, of course, cardstock stash and stamp sets from Raisin Boat, All in Toile and Formal Phrases. I absolutely LOVE Raisin Boat! They have a montly rental plan and ... that is how I learned of them ... lots of other stuff besides stamps. I tend to buy all my sets I rent. I just LOVE their stamps! Have a mentioned that? ;) lol

So I have crossed off three of the things I want to share with you but there are many, many more! :) So I will be back tomorrow with something else to share.

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  1. Ema I can tell you love Raisin Boat as much as I do. It is a lot of fun. I love your card. I will have to put the All in Toile in my rental list. It sure is pretty on your card. Thanks for Sharing,
    Linda Scrapcat Cards by Linda


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