Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Inspired

So I shared about finding this website with all these crazy ideas right? Maybe you have heard of it? Pinterest? No? Yes? ;) lol

I saw this idea and I love it! Can you guess what it was before? A Pringles can! Who would have thunk of such a thing! :)

The chipboard letters were from a stash I bought off a gal on FB. I used acrylic paints on these. The ribbons are from my long-hoarded stash and the cardstock is from Cosmo Cricket, Double Deck Material Girl and Garden Variety. I made this one for myself. I have plenty of cans! My son LOVES Pringles ... almost as much as I like to craft! ;)

These are not Pinterest inspired ... I am just throwing them into this post because I made something for my sister and she also received one of these! ;) Follow my reasoning? I actually made one for a niece and one for a sister. The rooster forms are from Michael's $1 bins. Don't you just love Michael's $1 bins? I do! :) The PP is from my long-hoarded stash so please ... bear with me! :*( I cannot remember that far back! I also used acrylic paint to cover the stand and the back of the rooster.

This same sister loved the Pringles can idea she asked I make her one. The same sister who received the gifted rooster. See now why the roosters fit in here? ;) lol She has her kitchen in grapes so I concocted this:

The only horror of it all is that I used Michael's Recollections Signature Garden Harvest pad. Not that the pad is a horror because it is NOT. I. Love. The. Pad. :) The horror of it was my idea! It is Kraft paper. I did not know it is not pliable. :-\ Me and my sometimes not so great ideas! :-|

Then ... I did NOT stop there! I also found this idea on Pinterest but even after my experience with the Pringles can ... I turn around and use the same Kraft paper to cover these spoons! :*( I thought I was going to cry! Handles are painted with acrylic paints. I used a few hoarded stickers and rubons to add some interest to the paper. I like the idea a great deal! I am thinking of purchasing more wooden spoons and using regular PP ... not cardstock! These have grown on me but I still want to see how much of a difference in the experience of it all if I were to use PP.

So now that is four down! Almost catching up to what I do daily! :) lol

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