Thursday, July 5, 2012

Belated Happy 4th!

I haven't been on here for a couple of days nor have I journaled ... gasp! ... :-\ Keeping up with both apparently take a great deal of discipline ... :( ... I am in trouble! :-\

Wish I could say I was just so busy with the 4th celebrating but that is not the case. Jay, my awesome now 26 yo son, and I took vacation this week to drive up to Ruidosa, NM. We were to stay at the Inn of the Mountain Gods. We had signed up for an 8 hour class in skeet shooting! We were gonna try trout fishing. I was taking my almost new pink golf clubs just in case I managed to get on the golf course.

By the way, did you know golf is not meant for fun? Nope! I love to golf but I. Stink. At. It. :-} True story! I cheat ... just like I cheat at coloring on my cards ... I cheat at playing golf. I. Have. To! If I played the ball the way I am suppose to ... I could be at the golf course ALL. DAY. LONG. :( Sometimes ... since I play alone ... I do not see where the ball went and so I lose the ball! The water and sand traps ... these were meant for me! I do hit the ball straight each time but not far. The only time I can get the ball on the green is when it's on the short hole. :) I like that one! I wish they were ALL like that! :) Then ... are you sitting for this? I am not a putter. Once I get the ball on the green ... it's gonna take a minimum of five and no telling what the maximum can be ... once it took 16 times to get the itty bitty ball into the itty bitty whole! People who go to the Inn of the Mountain Gods to golf are Very Serious Golfers. I often have to let people play through. Some of them are not very nice about it. These are the Very Serious Golfers. I have a friend of mine who golfed with me once and found the whole experience very amusing ... AND ... it wasn't as bad as when I play alone. He is the one who suggested I not golf at Ruidosa because of the Very Serious Golfers. I've experienced the Very Serious Golfers but I was still planning to try play some golf if time allowed.

So, anyway, I was taking my golf clubs just in case. Then ... we were gonna try gambling for the first time ever! Jay and I could hardly wait!

But then ... two weeks ago ... my meds were changed. Yes! I had about two weeks when I felt like my old self and was enjoying life again. Because of the CML, I am very susceptible to infections since this causes a weaked immune system. Dr. Cruz wants me to take this new med that is suppose to help my immune deficiency. But of course ... it comes with side effects. I was starting to feel better but I woke up Saturday feeling ill. Typical side effects of a med ... nausea, joint and muscle pain, headache and just a general feeling of malaise. These are suppose to go away after I finish taking the medicine ... four months from now. These are injections and on the day of the injection along with all the other side effects I listed, I also have a red, hot, sore area from the inoculation. :-\

Jay and I decided ... well ... really it was Jay. He is such a responsible young man these days. He was concerned about me driving in my condition. He's not licensed to drive. I could see he had a valid point. Then ... when he pointed this out was Saturday morning while I lay in bed feeling ill ... and he asked what if I could not get out of bed once we were there? Valid point! I could lay in bed for free instead of driving to Ruidosa and ... if I got us there safely ... lay in bed for about $200 a day. :-\ We post poned our trip for September. :-|

I still took my vacation time off. I needed the time off from the office. I needed the time off from the office. In case I am not making myself clear. I. Needed. The. Time. Off. From. The. Office. :-|

Anyway, I have a great-niece getting married on Satuday. She's been living with the groom for ten years. They have I think four children. I know there are children involved and there are quite a few. Three could also be quite a few for me. Five would be A LOT and I know I did not have that idea in my head. They have decided to make it legal and what do you gift the wedding couple? I have thought and re-thunk it some more and it finally came to me ... a wedding scrapbook album! What a gift from the heart! I also know this is a very nice gift for someone who could appreciate the craftiness, time and expense of such a gift. I am only half way through the album and I have used about $50 of cardstock and printed paper, on my third roll of double sided tape and ... we, as crafters ... know the cost of each roll. Pulled out all of my rhinestones, glitter, pretty silver and white embellishments, lacey and shimmery ribbons, Spellbinder to emboss some paper, templates to cut out some envelopes and all the ideas in my head for layouts. This will be my gift to the new married couple. I will video tape it when I am done and post it! So far, I am very pleased with how it is coming along. It is an 8.5X11 album with 15 sleeves. That means 30 layouts. Thirty. That's three zero. 30. 8-| I have 15 pages made. I still have two more days. :) I can do it!

So I am outta here! :)

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