Monday, July 2, 2012

I Cheated again! :(

I was gonna work on a card to post on here today. I got to messing around with some Dazzles I bought from HOTP. I fought the urge to hoard these. They are so pretty! I won't post these cards because they aren't really my cards. You know what I mean? The Dazzles came in kits so ... that's why it was easy to make TEN cards! Yup! TEN. Well, ok, you talked me into it ... ;) ... I will post one. All the materials come from HOTP monthly Dazzles club.

I like the monthly kits because if I am in the mood to play with paper but not feeling creative this works for a quick fix! :) What can I tell you. A junkie gets her fix anyway she can! ;)

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