Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Love Twine!

I do! I do! I have always had trouble making pretty bows for my cards and use to resort to a knot with a rhinestone, button or flower in the middle to substitute for the bow. It just wasn't the same. Since I discovered twine I have become the Queen. Of. Bows. Yes! Really ... I have ... see ...

I originally received my free twine from Raisin Boat. I purchased some stamp sets and received the twine as a free gift. I thank them so much for that eye-opening experience! If I had never received that free gift I would have NEVER tried it on my own or gone back to buy some. I always thought ribbon was plenty. :-\

Then ... I think I have told you about that horribly addicting site ... Pinterest ... ;) ... my friend, Terry Gerrior, pinned the cutest image over there and when I repinned I found this most generous site ... Sliekje Digi Stamps. Guess what? She GIVES away her digi stamps. Now, I will be perfectly honest here. I am not much on digi stamps. In my "Ema-gination" digital has nothing to do with stamping. Where's the fun in that? There's no stamps to smell, no ink to stain! I just couldn't imagine it! In today's world everything seems to be going digital and I hope to be able to continue with my rubber stamping as long as I have breath in my body ... but I was curious to know what the fuss was about digi stamps. I just couldn't make myself PAY for these! After finding this site ... I do not have to! Not just that ... what an incredibly generous soul who runs this site! All she asks is that we give her credit if we use her stamps! So here I give her credit for this image I got off her site. I thought the mouse peering over the teacup was just too cute! AND ... she has lots more! I do not know if I will do more with digi stamps ... but I just couldn't get over her generous spirit. :) Go on ... go have a look! :)

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  1. Girl that is so cute!! You put such great detail on! Love how you did the cupcake too! :)


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