Sunday, July 29, 2012

Matchy Matchy ;)

Not too long ago I purchased used scrapbooking items from some gals on FB. I think I may have mentioned this before ... group of women folk purging their hoards ... I mean supplies ... ;) ... and how I cannot comprehend the idea of "purging" scrapbooking items. I am old school ... even have a rhyming mantra ...

Do not throw it away!
It might come in handy some day ... 

:-\ ... sometimes I am my own worst enemy. ;) lol

So anyway, when I received one of the packages, the packing material took my breath away ...

When I saw this awesome packing material ... aka kraft paper ... I remembered this awesome idea ... and this awesome idea over on Pinterest ... and I thought to myself ... why not? :) Well, as of this very moment ... I am not a home owner ... but I am looking ... so ... might need it some day. :)

Last time I was on here I shared my ambitious plans for a matchy matchy craft room and the inspiration paper that brought all this about. This morning, I was heading out the door to a dollar store to replace all of ... what I am sure many people have in some shape or form in their homes ... these:

with any kind of container that would match my inspiration in my "Ema-gination" ... ;) ... for my "matchy matchy" room ... and as I was glancing around my craft room counting the number of baskets I would be needing, I saw the packing material in it's very safe place and a light bulb went off in my head ... I mean it! The room light up with my bright idea! So I sat myself down and first prepped enough of the packing material to test my idea on two different small baskets and ... it worked! It lead to this:

So I saved myself about $13 in baskets from Dollar Tree. :) About now I might be coming across as a tightwad. Maybe ... but all I know for sure is that now I can go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon and buy ... the possibilities are endless! ;) lol When this weekend started I did not have plans to visit either one of those two places ... only a dollar store! :) It is all good! Besides the Kraft paper I also used lots of Mod Podge, scissors and patience. :) At times ... I kinda worried I would run out of patience before I ran out of Mod Podge. ;) lol

I think these came out so ... one word ... WICKED AWESOME!  :-D The possibilities seem endless to me! ;) These blank canvases made me almost giddy about the whole thing! ... or maybe it was the fumes from the glue? :-| But I was pretty excited about my accomplishment! :)

The only down side ... is that I scrunched the paper to make it more wrinkled and softer to work with and since I use my hands a lot during the workweek ... typing ... filing ... ;) ... my hands were EXHAUSTED ... yes ... from my strenuous workweek ... and nothing to do with my age ... :-\ ... nothing! ;)  Next time ... I am waiting for Jay to be home so I can ask him to help ... he is a guy ... I am sure he can do a much better job than could I with scrunching ... ;) ...

Anyway, now I am working on prettying them all up! :) teehee ... when I started all this ... I really thought I would be able to get them all glued on a Saturday morning and would have Sunday afternoon to decorate them ... Yes. I. Did. :-| Never dawned on me it would be time consuming ... ends up ... I may be busy all week if not for weeks! ;)

Now, to figure out where to get this awesome packing material because the next thing on my list to redo are the small pieces of furniture that are all different colors and types of material! Because ... I wrote already ... I want a matchy matchy craft room! :) I cannot wait! :-D

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