Thursday, September 27, 2012

3-D Challenge

This challenge has my name written ALL OVER IT! Yes! It does!

I have lots and lots of ideas for this but I have been busy!

First... nothing is keeping this woman down! September 19th... one day after my 51st birthday... I am declared in remission! Yes! I am! Hallelujah! Praise God Almighty! He is good to His children... even the disobedient ones... I never once doubted He would heal me... I may have been impatient lots of times... but I believed in His healing touch...

This is the face of a happy 51 YO in remission...

Horror of horrors to me ... I lost my eyebrows to the chemo... and lots of hair too but I did my research... Biotin, 5K daily, helped with the hair growth... Maybelline eyebrow pencil... draw in the eyebrows... this upsets me to no end... may as well do that with a Sharpie! :-\ Tattooing has been suggested ... but I am a WIMP! :-\ I'm thinking of going with the bangs again... but may wait a bit on that... I put on 60 of the 85 pounds I lost... because of meds and... get this... menopause! Hmph...that's what Dr. Cruz tells me... I don't think bangs look good on me when my face is so full. I've been walking in the mornings and working with my KettleWorks DVD and bell. :) I have a plan! lol ;)

Recently... I caught a terrible cold! Just in time for... a new job... Yes! I got a job! Well, kinda... it's seasonal... but I also decided I need to do something different and I just can't decide what that different is yet.

But anyway...


I made this little tag... I think... for the most part... I am kinda happy with it. I used Crafty Secrets and TAC stamps. The dress form is layered over large Glue Dots so it pops up off the tag. I made the feet of the dress form with wire! Thimble is made from metal paper. Stamped the thread bobbin and wrapped it with string. Slid a small strip of wire through a pearl bead and wha-la! :) I like it! I added tulle to the dress form for the skirt and trimmed the tulle with Stickles Stardust. Love this! Got the Stickles from my favorite online store, Raisin Boat. Added some beads to the top of the dress form because even a dress form should wear jewelry! ;) lol

 This is the back of the tag. I added flowers, flowers and more flowers... and to break that up a bit... a tiny butterfly trimmed in Stickles. :) What do you think? Did I ramble a bit? ;) lol

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  1. Oh so happy for your. What wonderful news.
    Thanks you for mentioning Raisin Boat in you post with your lovely creation.


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