Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can't Seem To Get it Right!

Well, now, so the Raisin Boat Challenge I wrote about yesterday turned out to be a fiasco for me. I went to submit my blog entry and the challenge had been closed! I thought I had until midnight of the 12th and I guess I didn't. I will be perfectly honest. I bawled like a big baby. But let me make an excuse. I had labs yesterday so I was already pretty emotional. The disappointment just cut to the quick! :(

With that said ... today I discover ... to my horror again ... I've missed the deadline for the Bazzill Card Swap! I did not read the guidelines correctly. I thought I read I had until September 15th to post mark my submission. It actually has to be at Bazzill by the 15th. So I worked on this cute little card till the wee hours of the morning and did get it done but the clincher ... I need 10 of them! :(

So I can't seem to get it right just about now but in all honesty ... I have leukemia! I just moved! Now ... I was laid off today! :( Ugh!

Every cloud has a silver lining ... the glass is always half full ... one door closes and another opens ... sometimes it gets hard to be cheery all the time. I would really like to be taken care of for once. But now is not the time to rant! :) I have something to show you!

This is the card I made for the Bazzill Card Swap. I have nine more all set to be made ... just need to put them together. :)

I thought it came out pretty gosh darn cute! ALL the paper is Bazzill ... card stock and printed paper ... twine is Divine Twine by Whiskers Graphic. The stamp ... of course ... Raisin Boat, Howl-ween Hounds. Too cute for words!

A close up of the 3-D on the dog image:

I stamped the image on the card stock. Cut a second image of the dog and finished with a third image of the jack-o'lantern to give it depth.

So ... if you read this post in its' entirety ... you know I have been laid off and am taking it pretty well ... considering I have cancer and still on meds. :-\ But it's a secret. I am not ready to tell everyone so keep it to yourself. :) lol


  1. This is really adorable.
    Thanks again for trying our challenge.

  2. Oh Ema, I am so sorry! Your post broke my heart. I'm sorry you missed the deadline to play in last month's challenge. I'm really sorry about the Leukemia and that you lost your job. I know, it's so hard sometimes to buy into those positive affirmations when nothing seems positive right now. You will be OK and my heart certainly goes out to you. Hopefully you got laid off with a severance, insurance and unemployment already filed.

    Now, for this card! So happy you were persistent and still got your Bazzil card done, it did turn out pretty darn cute. I love that little dog. And now your entry counts as 2 because you used RB stamps. Good luck to you. Thanks for playing with us at Raisin Boat.

    Many hugs,
    Raisin Boat Crewmember


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