Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Dance Time

I have some great news! I have a job starting on the first! Happy, happy dance!

I have been unhappy at the office since after the new year when they announced the realignment. When they announced the realignment, our office BARELY escaped the cut! We've been on probation and had a review every three months. We flew through the first one but did not do so good on the last one. I knew my layoff was coming I was just hoping I would survive the cut. Bits and pieces of my job kept getting passed to someone else. But I kept being told we would always need someone to answer the phones. :-\

Since the realignment, the manager who got demoted had been horrible to work with! Foul moods... yelling... some serious carrying on... It had become VERY stressful! My MD kept telling me that reducing stress would alleviate a LOT of my symptoms. I was always ... psshhhh ... but since I have not been to the office ... I feel super great a OK! :) lol Phones were horrid! Callers were always complaining about no one returning their calls and not wanting VM anymore. I cannot even begin to tell you how horrid it was! I'd been wanting to leave but felt like I had to stay for the insurance.

I had prayed for a change and although this is not really what I was expecting it came. I feel so much better about things. I have faith God has His hand in my life and all will come out OK. There's COBRA to help with medical bills and with lack of steady income, I actually qualify for a few programs to help with meds and maybe even medical bills. :)

The other thing I've always prayed for too is a companion. Sometimes it has been hard because when life got rough, I had no one to discuss these things with... there were times I lost faith and had no one to help guide me back ... I always had to do these things alone.

I've always thought alone was not too bad. It never felt lonely before. Cancer changed all that. I felt so lonely whenever I had to go to labs and I would be the only one sitting by myself. When a decision had to be made one way or the other about treatment plans, I was the only one making the decision. But I also know that it is better to be alone than to be lonely with the wrong person.

I've looked back over the past year and some new friends came and some old friends went. I may not have that one special companion I wanted but I have three male friends I can count on to help with vehicles, home repairs and for a good time. I did lose the one I hoped would be a companion, but time showed him to be the player everyone kept telling me he is... sometimes ... I insist on discovering things for myself! :-| I remember when we dated there were lots of times I felt lonely anyway ... not so good ...

I'm very happy with my life right now and have great faith all will be OK. :)

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