Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Cards - Revised

It is done.

I am finished with the fall cards and I used almost all my fall Leaving Prints cutouts and made a pretty good dent into my leaf stickers. :) I feel it calls for a celebration! I am not sure what kind of celebration... but a celebration. :) I find the need to share these with you so I can have closure... ;) lol But it is the last I will share with you... until Christmas that is. :) Unless I make a new card for a pen pal or a birthday card I feel I must share!

So ... now ... the show begins ...

As you can see ... the cutouts are matted. I originally planned to place the silver sticker alone on the bottom of the card. Once I glued the card mat to the card base, I realized I probably should have added a ribbon first. The only way I knew how to undo this was to glue scraps of card stock. To my horror this added to my dilemma about when to toss a scrap! So I am almost back at square one. :-\ However, I only kept pieces that could substitute for ribbons. I DID toss the smaller pieces... for now. :-0 I used shaped brads to hold the silver "Harvest" sticker down. I discovered... adhesives can dry up over time. I had NO idea! I originally did not place brads over the silver sticker; however, as I was placing these in envelopes, I noticed the right side of the sticker would not stay down. I decided to use the brads to secure it in place. Unfortunately, I had already placed the entire mat onto the card base. One of the things I pride myself about my hand-made cards is the attention to detail. I do not like the backs of brads to be visible on a card. So I was left with the dilemma of covering these on the inside. I used some playful leaf stickers to scatter across the area with a pumpkin at the bottom. Like this ...

I played with the idea of the first card and came up with this. I did the exact same thing! I forgot to place a ribbon down first, including the one on top and actually the one on top, was placed after I glued the mat on the base and realize some white card base was peeking through. I was NOT having it! The ribbon is from my long hoarded stash but I know I originally purchased it at Michael's. When I mounted the Harvest sticker on the gold colored mat, I knew it was not sticking right and I used an adhesive in order to stick it down.

I liked the idea of using a black card mat so I went with it. I used Art Glitter on the cutouts to make them stand out. I also used adhesives on the silver happy fall sticker because it was being placed on ribbon and I wanted to be sure it was secured. I found this huge rhinestone and used it as a center on the knot. The ribbon is from Michael's current Halloween line... got that? CURRENT Halloween line. :)

I continued with the idea of the black mat because I really like it! I used this metal leaf charm from Making Memories I found in my stash. The shiny beads are from Joann's dollar bin.

This was the final cutout. No, that is not right. There are two left... leaves. But it is the final cutout I am using this year... unless I discover I was wrong in my count and need more fall cards. I found the plastic branch in my long hoarded stash and the card stock leaf stickers are from Miss Elizabeth's Dollar Tree collection.

I liked the scattered leaves across the front of the card idea so much I went with it again. :) I also added some brads, metal autumn tag and plastic leaves from my long hoarded stash for dimension. All the stickers are from Miss Elizabeth and the twine is from Raisin Boat. The image appears crooked because of the photographer. Apparently... she had been drinking! ;) lol

I continued with the same idea because I really liked the scattered leaves look! :) The leaves are vellum stickers from Jolee's and diecuts from a recently purchased packet that I removed from the packaging and for the life of me cannot remember who made it. :( Ugh! Short term memory loss! :-\ I used glue to attach the larger leaves to the background. The three smallest leaves in the center are mounted with foam tape.

The mat is a very deep purple. I think it kind of looks blueish here. The pumpkin on the center of the flower and gold leaves are brads and I added these before I glued the mat to the card base. I remembered! :) Flower petals and Harvest sticker are from my stash.

As I neared the end, I took another count and realized I was short a card. I came up with this one quick! I'd seen something along this online on FB and Pinterest and this is my version. :) The twine is from Raisin Boat and the Boo sticker and floating eyes are from my stash.

I have learned a very valuable lesson and I hope I can share it with fellow crafters suffering from the same affliction as I have. No more hoarding! First... adhesives dry out! :( I did not know this could happen! Second, I have not used a single stamped image! This is what I am about! I love to stamp! I did receive comfort that I was able to make something out of almost anything. :) So I guess I am a true scrapper after all! :-D I have not used stickers in forever and a day because I found these somewhat juvenile. But... I think I made it work! :) ... I like to think I did anyway. :)


Ugh! I counted again! I needed 45 cards! So I whipped these three up super fast and I think they still came out pretty good! :)
I will admit ... I was kind of being lazy and was a little ticked off at having to make three more. The stickers are obviously very dated. This was a popular look a few years back. The hay and pumpkin are a die cut from the package I bought a few weeks back that I cannot remember who it was from! :-\ All three of these are made in the same manner. :) I liked how this one came out so I kept going. The other two though are scattered leaves with a rake. I really liked how they came out! :)

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  1. Your cards are so pretty....and I do like the detail you always add on your cards...I like to use brads...but I always seem to forget to add them one step too late...


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