Friday, October 19, 2012


I really am... not sure if I should share these with you but here I find myself unable to STOP!

I worked on some more Halloween cards using ... dare I say it? STICKERS! Yup! It almost horrifies me... until I look at the final product... I am rather pleased with these. :)

I remember when I first started showing up on crafting chat rooms... I will never forget what a fellow scrapper told me once... I mentioned in a post I threw things away because sometimes I couldn't figure out what to do with these things. She responded a true scrapper always came up with an idea. Curses! :-\ Until recently... I could not make myself throw out one single scrap of anything! Ribbons, negative chipboard, scraps galore! Not a single piece could leave my craft space because of this statement. As I reviewed my stash last week... it came to me all of a sudden... I can not remember this woman's name... for the life of me... and yet... I had given her so much power over my craft room. So... as I worked on some cards... I threw pieces of scraps away... GASP! ... 8-0 ... Yup! I have done this in the past but always made myself take them out of the trashcan after a few minutes... but not this time... and as I look at these cards I made with stickers ... I don't think I have to listen to anyone outside of my head about what I can and cannot do. I like these cards. I am not embarrassed to gift these... well ... maybe not to a fellow card maker... but I can certainly send these to family and friends who do not craft and can appreciate a home made card. :) Yes! I can ... and I will!

So here are the cards ...

Sticker used on the bottom left-hand side... but I am sure you can clearly make this out ... :) ... and it is one of those real photo, card stock stickers too!

Fat old, orange tabby and sentiment are Miss Elizabeth's clear stickers! Yup! :) Miss Elizabeth ... from Dollar Tree! 

Pumpkins on the bottom right-hand corner are more of Miss Elizabeth's clear stickers!

"Halloween" is a card stock sticker ... but a sticker none the less ... :) I love the look of these two papers together. I cannot help but think to myself ... it looks so preppy! :) lol This one is my favorite!

"happy halloween" is a sticker ... not only is it a sticker ... it is a home-made sticker! :)

"Trick or Treat" is a card stock sticker as well. All the paper used is from the Bazzill Halloween card swap I missed out on. I do like the paper! :) Especially this last one with the birds... it is so ... Alfred Hitchcock / Edgar Allen Poe - ish... :-D ... all the ribbon I used is from Michael's Halloween stash they have in the stores for the season this year. Of course, I also used some Robin's Nest dew drops. :) I used regular staples and colored these black. :) Chipboard letters are from my long hoarded stash. I like how these came out. I really do! :)

I have been liberated! I am going through my stash over the next few days and tossing those small pieces I have been unable to rid myself of. :) I am pretty sure I won't pull these out of the trash can. :) lol I will be sure to let you know if I am successful! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

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