Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Card

I make cards so I can relax and play... I signed up for a card swap on FB that was NOTHING like that. There were guidelines to be met and I stressed about it big time. I finished and I have to show it to you because I so like how it came out... :) ... but it fell way short of the guidelines...

First... it was to be a 5"X7"... mine is 6"X6"... then it is suppose to be an expanding card... I don't know what I was thinking... this is a fancy fold card! :( But it is what it is and I like how it came out and I am sending it out like this.

I'm on my way to the post office to get it sent out. Here it is for your viewing pleasure! ;)

I did use a cute little digi stamp from this online site. She has the cutest animal digis. :)

I had to show you a close up of the bow... I like big bows... and I cannot lie... ;) lol ... when I practiced setting up the card and made my first practice bow... it came out great! For the final product... yup! I cannot repeat it. 

Have you heard of I stumbled upon it and am having WAY too much fun creating collages. I find these handy when I want to show something on FB. I upload a collage rather than numerous photos. :) Here... I'll show you! :)

 I am having fun with the collage builder. You should check it out too! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Art Space

I've always called my craft room, a craft room. Makes sense to me. I go in there to craft. My son, Jay, once asked me if I had plans to work in my art space... 8-0 ... his explanation made lots of sense to me... I go in there to create art. :) 

So, since buying our home I've been busy setting up house. I'd already set up my craft room... but it wasn't working for me. So I changed things around and here I show you my art space. :)

As you enter the room, this is the the right and then I go around to the left ...

straight ahead...

then to the left...

Starting at the entrance and working my way around the room... At the bottom of the bookcase on the right, is a large box with a brown bow... it is filled with ribbons! :-\

There's a basket filled with ribbons on the bottom shelf in the bookcase to the left of this picture.

Here's a better picture of my hoarded paper stash... and on the shelf unit above the cart holding the paper is a large clear glass jar filled with small mounted rubber stamps... 

The two binders on the top shelf to the right hold clear and unmounted rubber stamps. The middle shelf has two small baskets filled with small mounted rubber stamps and behind these two baskets is one large basket with ribbons...

This is my scrap rack I made... from binders and duct tape! Love duct tape! :)

The white bin under this desk has the bottom drawer filled with my Raisin Boat clear stamps that I love ever so much and I might have mentioned these before today... ;)

Here is the Clip it Up Ribbon Holder I bought at Christmas 2011. was having it's 12 days of Christmas and had this on sale for ... $9.99! Can you believe it?!? It normally sells for $79.99! :) My only regret is that I didn't buy two. If you take a better look at the bookcase above... I had to use a tension rod to hold more ribbon. Plus there are two baskets and a large box I've identified holding ribbon. :-\ Not sure why I need so much... but again... can't make myself get rid of it! Same for this name plaque Nina made during her first year in school. I CANNOT make myself throw it away! :(

So... this is where all the magic happens! ;) lol

In front of the picture on the table is a small jar filled with even more small mounted rubber stamps.

The large basket is also filled with mounted rubber stamps. 

I use the space under the table for storage. I have bins under there that are... EMPTY! I probably don't... or won't... need these... but... I can't make myself get rid of them! :(

I bought more CD containers to store my Raisin Boat clear stamps...  some of the sets are too big to fit into one container... and I cannot make myself separate the sets! But I'm working on it... I'd like to have my stamp sets all in one place instead of scattered all around the room. :-\

I have this chair in the room for my audience! ;) lol

 Thanks for stopping by! :)


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