Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

I am rushing to get this posted before the end of the day. I haven't posted anything for the 31st and that just cannot be so! ;) lol

Alicia's Crafty Corner still has A Special Challenge going on and to my horror... I discovered today... I can post THREE cards! So I got right on it! ;) lol 

This is one of the five images I bought from her... of course... after reading her "An Idea" post, I HAD to have all five... not all at the same time... she keeps adding. :) As of this post, she has five images... she's new to the digi world... and because of her post... I DO have all five. :) Besides... even if she didn't have that idea, I'd still buy these... they are wicked cute! I've shown you Honey... now I'll show you Photographer.

Here she is in living color... ;) lol

I used the following Copic markers to bring life to her:

Hair: E13, E15, E18
Headband and eyes: B00, B04
Jeans: B00, B04, N2
Skintone: E00, E11, R20
Camera: B00, N0, N2
Boots: N6
T-shirt and tracing around image: N0

Isn't she darling? I had to pair her up with my TPC Studio Cling Retro Stamp Set. I used card stock, ribbon, printed paper and chipboard from my stash. I've always wanted to do one of these angled image cards... and just as I suspected... I keep wanting to straighten it. lol That is what had been keeping me from doing it before now but I still like how it came out. What do you think? 

Here is the card:

This little gal is motivating me to take pictures in 2013. I've always wanted to complete a Becky Higgins Project Life project. I can't seem to be able to follow through. I am ALWAYS forgetting to take pictures! Or... even better... I do take pictures... and I am not in them! :-\ I can document with words... cause I do write... I often have a lot to say... I bet you cannot believe that huh? ;) lol

I do want to do something to document my life a little bit better for the sake of my daughter. I'd like her to have something to look back on with understanding and compassion for my many years of single parenting and now... singlehood... is that even a word? It should be! I want to document this for her not just with words... but pictures too! :) 

I've decided... after being given a second chance at life... and then a third one... I have to make the most of what I do have. I'm happy with my life most times... I cannot really complain about anything... sure... sometimes things do seem rough... but I have my health, thankfully... I am buying a home for my little family... I will be returning to college to finally get a degree... yes! I've decided I know what I want to be when I grow up! ;) lol I'll be attending the university in our fair city for 2013 to obtain the missing science classes I require to enter into nursing school. If all goes well... I should begin nursing school in 2014 and be finished by the end of 2015. :) 

So as you can see... I really don't have much to complain about... although... every now and then... I do wish I had someone to bring me flowers to make me smile... I can't help it! I buy my own flowers occasionally... but I think it is the innate belief every woman has from time to time... to be taken care of... to be cherished. Since I don't... can't... won't have that... I'm documenting ALL that I DO have! :) I have to start taking pictures though! lol With me in them! Not just head shots for FB either... pictures of things I love to do... pictures of me doing these things I love... pictures of things I love to eat... pictures of me eating... well... maybe I don't HAVE to document EVERYTHING... ;) lol

Come back tomorrow! I'll have Coloring Alicia to show you and a story of my newest obsession... I mean... newest hobby of coloring with Copic markers. :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment so I'll know you came calling while I was out... ;) lol

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not My Fault!

*****I WAS PICKED TOP 3*****


I wrote that I was done, done, done with challenges for the 2012 calendar year... DONE! Well... no one told my pals! ;) I had a friend show me the Whimsie Doodles blog and pointed out they were having a challenge. At first I was like, no thank you, I'm all challenged out... but then I went to the Whimsie Doodle shop and $21 later... I came up with a new card! :-\ It's OK... it was some of my Christmas stash... but at this rate... I'll not EVER be able to buy the Spectrum Noir marker set I was wanting! :-D 

So first, the challenge is one I've not tried before because in the past, I am intimidated by the idea. It was a color challenge... 8-O Yes! These are the colors... 

Then, I needed to use a Whimsie Doodle image. That was a tough choice... I had just bought myself a handful of images but deciding which one to color first was a CHALLENGE! :) I finally decided on the Social Teen Texting (you'll have to scroll down the page... I can't get a direct link) and I am rather pleased at how she came out:

Don't you just LOVE her hair?!? Don't let the skirt colors fool you! She's NOT a Packer fan... this is a color challenge, remember? I would not ever dress any of my children in ugly colors! ;) She's not done yet though... the image needs to be a card for the Whimsie Doodle challenge and so I finished with this:

So the card stock and ribbon are from my stash. I used Spellbinders scalloped circle nestabilities and labels. The printed paper is Make Merry - Celebrate by Michelle Coleman from Fancy Pants Designs. 

I think it works! It has the colors... it's fun... it's hip... it's stylin'... it's today's youth! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your visit... please, leave me a comment so I'll know you were here! :)

It's the Chicken Farm Again!

Yes... I thought I was ALL DONE with the seven chicken cards I needed for the swap over on FB I've written about before. Wellll.... I took the cards over to my mom for her to have a look see... she LOVES chickens and roosters... collected them in her home for years! When I inherited her belongings I inherited many, many chickens and roosters... over the years I downsized the collection. There were just too many! I've kept a few I love... they blended well with my own collection of sunflowers, chili peppers and the warm fall colors I love so much... reds, oranges, golds... here... I'll show you!

I know! Kinda busy, huh? Don't know where to look first? I love it! I read an article online of an artist who surrounded her work space with things she loves. Having been diagnosed with leukemia changed a lot for me. I reassessed all that I owned... I have kept only the things I absolutely love... and I don't have much in storage. If I love it... it's on display. If you look closely, in the picture above, smack in the middle of the picture on the top shelf next to the red pail, there's a Halloween ghost. :) lol In the picture above that, if you have a closer look, there are fall items in the china cabinet. I love it. I get to see it every day. :) By the way, as you can see... my kitchen is TINY! But it's mine! I became a home owner this year. I can do as I please with my house... and I have. The very first thing I did... I removed the doors to the cabinets! :) lol I. LOVE! How. It. Looks! I do!

I've surrounded myself with things I love in ALL the rooms in my home. It's how I roll these days. :) Life is too short to have things stored away for a special occasion... 

But I didn't come on here to show you pics of my house... I got sidetracked... what I came on here to show you started with me telling you how I showed my mom the chicken cards. Well she kept two! I didn't mean for her to keep any! Well, maybe one... definitely not two! But it allowed me to get one of the cards corrected. I mean... I like how it came out... but I had different plans on how it would look when I was finished... then... I've written I had many, many ideas for chicken cards. I made another different one. Here I'll show you...

This image from Stitchy Bear Digital Stamps called Calum Cockrel keeps asking me to turn her into a quilt! I cannot look at her and not think quilt! AND... I did such an awesome job... she deserved a blue ribbon at the county fair... so she DID win one... :) lol I made the 1st Place ribbon with a rosette from blue card stock, I cut two strips of paper to hang behind the rosette to look like ribbons dangling and I used a Spellbinders scalloped circle for the center... 

What? You don't know how to make a rosette? I used these instructions and cut my paper to 1X12. Hope the link helps! :) 

I love how it came out! For once... it looks just like I "Ema-gined" it! ;) lol I. Love. This. Card! I hate to give it away! :-\ I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do.

Then... I had one more image I found and loved... aren't these the cutest love birds ever! Except... they aren't love birds... it's a rooster and chicken! I thought it was too cute! It's an image I found at Coloring Page Tuesdays by Elizabeth O. Dulemba called ever so appropriately... Love Chickens! Don't you just love that!?! All the card stock, ribbon, brads and leather flowers were from my stash. I used Spellbinders heart nestabilities and the printed background and little label are from the Rooster Provincial paper pad from Hobby Lobby.

After all this... I'm not showing my mother any more cards! ;) lol 
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Candy Cane London

Well... sometimes... things ARE too good to be true! ;)

I posted a couple of days ago that when I originally went tChristmas At Sweet Stampin' blog to look into their challenge... I thought they were having an Anything Goes Challenge! :) I took it literally... ANYTHING GOES... what they meant was... anything goes PERTAINING to Christmas! hahahahaha... it could be funny... if it weren't for the fact that this is about the fifth challenge I've done incorrectly. Based on that fact alone... I should stop participating in challenges... but... my mother did not raise no quitter! ;) lol Besides... what else would I do with the oodles of card stock, Copic markers, ribbons, pretty printed paper and all the other fabulous embellishments I've been hoarding since about 2004? :-\

The thing is... I went and looked at the cards before I submitted mine to be sure I was correct... hindsight being 20/20 and all... NOW I see that ALL the cards DO pertain to Christmas! :-\ Originally... I saw non-traditional colors for Christmas... and you know... those little icons of cards submitted by other participants... they are really little... some of these that were non-traditional colors... I probably should have clicked on them to see them up close and I would have seen that they DID pertain to Christmas. I also saw a wreath by a DT member... on closer inspection... it IS a Christmas wreath! hahahahaha... again... this could be funny... :-\

As I wrote earlier... I'm no quitter... so here's my new card for the challenge... I have to be honest with you... my stomach turned a little at the idea of completing another Christmas card... but I really like this Candy Cane London image I received from Simply B Stamps. So I went for it! :) And here is what I came up with...

All card stock and ribbons are from my stash. The little green star is from Michael's Recollection line of adhesive glitter shapes. I used Copic markers for the coloring. Specifically:
Greens - YG41, YG45
Reds - R46, RV69
Browns - E18, E15, E13
Skin Tones - E11, E00, R20
Grays - N0

So now... I think I got it right! :) lol

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Girl Friends Forever

Haha... this challenge technically doesn't count for 2012... really... it's NOT Christmas themed... AND... it's not due till January 6... so how can it be a 2012 challenge? Hmmmm... nope... not a 2012 challenge! ;) lol

I was thrown Challenge #16 - Out with the Old... I kid you not... it was THROWN at me... by a group on FB. Challenge involves using something old or new from my stash with calm, spring colors. I'm ready to do that! :) The challenge is from Delicious Doodles and this is my take on it. :)

This is Girl Friends Forever from Scrapbook Stamp Society... an absolutely adorable image! Reminded me of a friend's daughter, Amber, up in New Hampshire and I decided to make her a pop-up canvas for her room... I called my friend, Donna, to ask about Amber's favorite colors and activities. Her favorite colors are pink and green and she loves to chase butterflies... so naturally! Amber is 7 now! I'm always amazed at how people change and age as the years go by... I know I change too... but I don't age... NOPE!! ;) I haven't spoken to Donna in over a year! We do communicate almost weekly... via email or an occasional text... but rarely by phone. Last time we spoke by phone was right after I emailed to inform her of my leukemia diagnosis. She called when she read my email and we spoke for hours on the phone that day just as we did when I called her this last time. What I love about my friendship with Donna is that we can go months without speaking and when we finally speak again... we pick up right where we dropped off and spend hours catching up. She's not ever told me she doesn't have time to talk. Whatever she was doing when I called... is not ever as important as speaking to me. I love her for that! When we lived in NH, she included me in all her family gatherings and did not ever make me feel like I was a third wheel. Maybe that is because she also invited all her other single friends and there were way too many people to feel like the odd girl out. God bless my dear friend, Donna.

I used Copics to color the image. Background paper, brad and card stock are from my stash... so this stuff is old... :) I used EK Success Dahlia Dimensional Flower Punch (DDFP) and the Butterfly Layering Punch. By the way, the DDFP... it's new to me. :) I almost went crazy and bought myself all of the EK Success flower punches with my Christmas money... but I stopped after one... there were LOTS of other things I "needed" and I only had SO much cash... ;) ... that's the thing with cash... it runs out. :( I had to FORCE myself to stop with six butterflies! Forced. Myself! I also used Snow Crystal by Stampendous on her petticoat because I've said before... petticoats shimmer in my "Ema-gination"! ;) lol

Doesn't it make you think of spring? I love how she looks like she's nestled into the flower. 

I've had enough cold weather... what is it? Eight days into winter... :-\ ... I think it's going to be a long winter for me! Hope you are keeping warm!

Trattoria Chef

I am now officially done with challenges for the year 2012. Yay! :) 

I decided to enter this card for The Paper Shelter (TPS) Anything Goes Challenge with a digi from TPS. I used the Trattoria Chef image. I think he's adorable and can almost hear a deep, robust laugh when I look at the card... AND I keep hearing... "Mama mia... bon apetit..." lol ;) 

I used a Checkered Tablecloth background stamp from Raisin Boat. Card stock, printed paper and ribbon are from my stash. I colored the image with Copic markers. I had fun with this image! I find it difficult to overdo the cards with embellishments and what nots... the image itself is so awesome... especially after I color it! ;) lol 

This is the card...

Isn't he fun?!? And do you get a yankering for some spaghetti? ;)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tiffany and Squeek

I am seeing the finish line for the 2012 challenges! I really am! :)

I found this Anything Goes Challenge at The Paper Shelter. It appealed to me because it didn't use a Christmas theme. :) Yay! ;) lol  

I used an image from the Pretty Pet Besties series Tiffany and Squeek from Scrapbook Stamp Society. I made the flower with Design Tool #1 template from Hot Off the Press... by the way... I. Love. This. Tool! I use it all the time! I can make flowers, butterflies, labels... it is awesome! ... I added pre-made flowers to the center to add some fluff to the flower and a rhinestone for the center. I wanted a big fluffy flower and I think I accomplished that. The rhinestones on the left of the card and the one in the flower are from Michael's $1 bin. Ribbon, card stock and paper are from my stash. Copic markers were used to color the image. The bird reminded me of a pet cockatoo a friend adopted in high school. Isn't this a cute image?!?

This is the card...

As always... thanks for stopping by! :)


Let me tell you... I almost didn't go to Christmas At Sweet Stampin' blog to look into their challenge... I am so done with Christmas cards for the year 2012. I did go have a look see... and what a relief! They are having an Anything Goes Challenge! :) Yay!

I used the image Seashells from Scrapbook Stamp Society. I don't know about you... but I am ssoooo ready for warm weather. :-\ We're just getting started with winter! :(

I used... you're not gonna believe this... sand paper for the sand background! :) I colored the image with Copic Markers. I used textured card stock from my "collection"... ;) lol ... in reality... from my stash. I have to admit... I've done this before... I can't help it! When I see seashells by the seashore... I feel the urge to sell them! haha... OK... now my secret is out... I can be corny! ;) lol When I have a seashell image... I want to use blue card stock, sand paper and tear the blue to make waves. So I think I remember this is my fourth card to do like this. The first card is kinda like this but I used images of large seashells along one of the waves... the waves were bigger... so was the card. I made a tag kinda like this too but with small, tiny seashell images and without the blue paper for the waves... the last one... I think instead of the ribbon and charms, I used an image of a half naked woman and I embossed seashells on tan card stock instead of sand paper and various shades of blue vellum instead of card stock... see... I can be racy too! ;) lol Years from now... if I find another seashell image I cannot live without... I'll probably be doing the same. Like I wrote... I can't help myself! :-\ lol

Here is the card...

Ready for some warm weather now?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pretty Pet Besties Halie and Harley

I'm afraid... very afraid... this is gonna be a L - O - N - G post... has to be... I've got lots to write! I hope you don't hop on here just to look at pictures... I like to think you're a reader and that's why you blog hop. :) Please let me think that of you... my captive audience... ;) lol

Before I get into this... I made this card for an Anything Goes Challenge at Delightful Challenges. :)

I have two things I want to tell you... this card was inspired by two events in my life...

First... was the background paper... it reminded me of August 2010 when I drove over 2,000 miles from New Hampshire to Texas... All. By. Myself... over 2,000 miles... All. By. Myself... over 2,000... OK, I think you get the point. I am woman! Here me roar! ;) lol It's an extremely long story and so I will recap with the highlights... consider yourself lucky! ;)

I flew up to New Hampshire to retrieve our possessions out of storage. Paid over $3,000 for the trip... airfare, truck rental, movers, gasoline, meals, hotels... paid over $3,000 to store these same possessions for two and a half years. When we stored them in March 2008 to move back to Texas... I only stored things that I absolutely loved and had a great deal of sentimental value... things that you can't put a price on. Well... we can put a price on our possessions... they are now valued at over $6,000... :-\ lol

Driving back from New Hampshire... All. By. Myself... over 2,000 miles... All. By... :) In case you'd forgotten already! ;) There were many thoughts that ran threw my head... I'd already survived the November 2009 automobile accident I posted about back in November 2009... makes sense huh? :) So there were many, many things I contemplated on the long drive... which by the way... was four and a half days because I wanted it to be four and a half days. :) So I think I arrived with my head screwed on a little better than it had been before... and my head was screwed on a little bit better after the accident... now... I was diagnosed with leukemia AND am in remission... I think my head is screwed on even better! I'm wicked awesome... AND... I'm sprinkled with glitter! ;) lol I read that somewhere... so me! :) But I'm getting off the subject... what I wanted to point out is that on the drive back... through many states... I saw lots of majestic beauty the Lord has given us... if I had to summarize the rolling hills of broccoli... the fields of gold as far as the eye can see... the background paper I chose to use summarizes it for me... because I couldn't. I write the rolling hills of broccoli... the fields of gold... because this is what I was reminded me of... what I drove through were the rolling hills of evergreens through the northeast... the gold were the fields of wheat across the central states... Majestic! I tell you! It made me wish I was a poet. :) What I got out of this experience... I AM a strong woman... I can do anything I want with my life... AND... I can do it alone if I have to.

Second, is the image of Pretty Pet Besties Halie and Harley from Scrapbook Stamp Society reminded me of a dear beloved brother-in-law, Clyde, who passed away recently.

Get this... my sister, Lilly, and Clyde along with their daughter and her husband... went to the watermelon festival in a nearby town on a Saturday. He stopped to buy a snow cone... then he tripped over a mini hay bale used to control foot traffic. Hit his forehead, suffered a sort of whiplash injury, was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, transported back to one of the huge hospitals in our city, was scheduled to have an operation to "fix" the whiplash, his kidneys and liver started failing... but Lilly was given hope... put Clyde on life support and have a PICC line inserted for medication that would improve his condition for the surgery. So she signed the necessary forms... I went to the hospital to see him but was unable to... only got to visit with Lilly. Clyde was having the PICC line inserted when I arrived. He passed away after that procedure... NOT because of the procedure... his kidneys and liver failed and he slipped away. I should point out... he was a large man... over 6' tall... and a wide body... I couldn't even begin to guess how much he weighed but there are pics of him on my blog... big man. I wouldn't want someone to go away thinking PICC lines are dangerous. I had a PICC line when I was hospitalized with the leukemia. He didn't die from the PICC line... he died because of his failing health. The accident only contributed to it in that it brought the death on quicker. He'd not been well for a few months. He was struggling to get through life. I think death gave him peace. He may not have wanted it... I completely understand that. I don't want to die either... but I also know... I would go be with our Father... I've had a hard life... I'm ready to go home. I don't know if Clyde was ready... I hope that he was and that he has peace now.

While he lived... he was a larger than life man. He lived his life to the fullest. Did many things... served in Vietnam... raised four children with my sister, two as if they were his own, two were biological sons... operated his own businesses... was in a motorcycle club. He rode a Harley... he and my sister would go on bike runs... dressed all in black... I wish I had pics to show you. They were a sight to behold! ;) lol When he had his Harley... I traveled to Texas when moving from Connecticut to Colorado... I suggested getting a moped so we could go "cruising"... it was not met with the laughter I thought it would... I thought it was a GREAT idea... :-D lol

My point to all this... life is so very precious and so unpredictable... one minute... eating a snow cone at a watermelon festival... the next... laying in the hospital with tubes every where... one minute... thinking it's just a little headache... instead diagnosed with leukemia... we don't know what's ahead... live life to the fullest... capture all the experiences life offers while we can... you can be stronger than you think you could ever be... say "I love you" to the important people... ignore the unimportant... we will always encounter people who judge, criticize, gossip, refuse to understand or are just mean, angry people in our lives... get away from them! Life is short... too short to spend it with negative people who insist on sucking the happiness out of life. These are just my thoughts... but it's also a post floating about on Pinterest and FB. :) 

So this card has so much meaning to me... :) I used background paper from Hot Off The Press (HOTP)... I don't remember the name of it but I do remember getting it from HOTP... the stamps I used in the background are Fast Lane from Raisin Boat. I did a fussy cut on the image and mounted it with foam tape so it pops off the paper... oh... and on this one... I did NOT use Crystal Snow... she didn't need it! She's awesome all by herself! :) I love how it came out and I think I'm keeping this one for myself... it symbolizes all those things I've written about... it has meaning to me... 

 So do just that... live life in the fast lane! :) Make every second count!!

Cowgirl Mae

I found another challenge I thought I'd play in... :)

This one is from Some Odd Girl and what appealed to me ever so much... it was not Christmas themed! :) I am all Christmassed out... if that is such a word! I've been making Christmas cards full time since late October... not to mention the occasional Christmas card I've made here and there since last Christmas and before October. I do this every year... I send out about 60 Christmas cards so I work on them all year long and kick it into overdrive about... usually November... sometimes October. Every year I tell myself... this is the year I will be done IN October... hahahaha... tickles my funny bone each time I think that. :-\ Realistically... if I made six a month... give or take... I could do it. This year... I discovered challenges... some with prizes! To remove any doubt read my post from yesterday... I was a winner! :) But since I discovered challenges in December... naturally... the majority of them are Christmas themed. The prizes are all the ammunition this little Texas girl needs! Going back to this particular December Challenge.

I used Cowgirl Mae for this card. What is it about a girl in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat that always draws the eye? Is it just me... I'm from Texas... cowboy country. Nah... I've lived in other states... no matter where I lived... cowboys always drew my attention... I think it's them jeans! ;) lol Well, this isn't a cowboy... it's a cowgirl... AND... there's a sketch involved...

This is the sketch...

This is my card...

I used background paper, card stock and ribbons from my stash. I used Copics markers and EK Success color pencils to add life to the image. Every time I look at her... I can hear her say "Howdy ma'am!"... so I added that as the sentiment... forcing myself to stop at "Howdy"... ;) lol Don't it kinda make you wanna holler out "Yee-haw" too? ;) Thanks for stopping by! Y'all come back now, ya hear!?! lol ;)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Country Winding Road

I've made myself homesick for New Hampshire. I was born and raised in Texas. I've been fortunate enough to move around. I've lived in three different cities in Texas... one large, one tiny and one medium-size a little big for its britches... we also lived in Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico and New Hampshire. I finished raising my children in New Hampshire. They consider it home and so do I. 

I didn't move around because I was running from the law... I didn't have a spouse in the military... I was not in the military... I... was... a single parent... always chasing the mighty dollar. I didn't move my little family thousands of miles from home because I was bored with my surroundings... each and every time... I was offered a position that would pay thousands of dollars more than I was currently earning and all I thought of... was about the things this would allow me to provide my children. I'll be truthful here... we moved to New Hampshire in May 2002... my children were 14 and 16... I was... exhausted! I'd moved our little family 2,000+/- miles from all we knew... I was tired of making all the decisions all of the time. What was I to do? 

Despite all that... my children did see parts of the USA not everyone gets to see or experience. We went to several beaches on the east coast... trust me... not all are the same... New York City... more than once... historical Boston Commons... Maine, Vermont. In New York City we saw Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Bronx Zoo... and so much more... some of these places were scary to visit. To get to the Statue of Liberty we had to hop on a ferry boat. I'm terrified of drowning. We did that twice! Going and coming back. Bronx Zoo is located... would you believe? ... in the Bronx! For our safety, we left at 5 PM. While walking to the subway,  we passed two men on the sidewalk... Jay reaches over to me, grabs my arm and whispers loudly, "Mom, don't look now but that man is selling a knife to the other man!" We almost made it out without my children knowing I had taken them to a "bad" neighborhood. I knew there were risks involved. I had faith God would watch over us and faith in my ability to maneuver around in the city safely. :) We saw a skateboarder in Battery Park with his hair up in a purple mohawk and his body painted in orange. He allowed me to take a picture of him with my children. I have that picture scrapbooked! We also saw a street performer dancing with an incredibly flexible woman. He twirled her and bent her in ways I was simply amazed at! Turns out it was a mannequin tied to his legs! It was a sight! 

We were able to experience four seasons... fall, winter, spring and summer. We were able to experience fall as it should be... cool weather, apple picking, cider and doughnuts, hayrides, corn mazes and beautiful breathtaking scenery. I almost killed myself the first fall we lived in New England. We lived in Connecticut for two years and this is where we saw our first fall. As I was driving myself to work, I was mesmerized by the scenery before me and nearly drove myself off the road several times. Pictures can capture a glimpse of the beauty but until you are fortunate enough to see this first-hand you'll never understand just how magnificent it truly is. 

This card is using the image Country Winding Road from Scrapbook Stamp Society. It brought back memories of those long winding roads in New Hampshire and Connecticut... it seemed only natural to color it in fall colors. The card stock and leaves are from my stash. I used Copics to color. I cannot even begin to capture the true colors of fall but I sure did try...

This is how I made myself homesick... :)

I am a Winner!

Yes! I am! First time ever from a blog too! I am always commenting on and/or sharing posts on FB and Pinterest in hopes of winning some big prize and... till yesterday... zip. Christmas morning I woke to find a message from a friend on a private FB group that someone with my name in the big ol' city I live in won a prize! I jumped out of bed... I was checking FB on my phone... and got on the desktop and lo and behold... there it was! In black and white... weelllll, in print... ummm... OK on the internet! I won the third prize in Simply Betty's Giveaway! I will receive an entire year of free Teen Scene digis! Boy howdy! I love these digis! They are cute! I can't wait to see what they put out in 2013!

While I was there... I noticed the "Current Challenge" tab... I told myself... "Don't!" You guessed it... I did... here I am... with really... and I mean it this time... the FINAL Christmas card of 2012. I whipped up this little card for the December 18th Challenge at Simply Challenged Challenges. The challenge involved a Simply Betty Stamps image with traditional colors of red / green / silver / gold. This is what I came up with:

Background paper and ribbons are from my stash. I colored the image with EK Success color pencils and Copic markers. Rhinestones are from Michael's $1 bin. I used Season's Greetings Lola. Isn't she adorable? The jingle bell hanging from her cap is silver and the belt buckle is gold. :) I think you can make out the red and green pretty good. Of course, all the fur in the outfit has Snow Crystal from Stampendous. I think I've written before I. Have. To. Use. Sparkle! I. Have. To! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Today is Christmas day and we woke up to a wicked cold white Christmas. Merry Christmas! :)

Jay had his schedule "upgraded" not too long ago. He use to work 12:30 to 9 PM. He received weekends and all major holidays off. When he received his "upgraded" schedule... he lost the holidays... but he is OK with that. He gets paid DOUBLE TIME for the holidays he does work AND he still gets his weekends off! He's working 10:30 to 7 PM... and it's all good now... :) The heater on my truck gave out the first winter I had it about a month into the cold weather. So it is absolutely NO FUN going anywhere during the winter months and we only go out when it is absolutely necessary. Well, this morning was absolutely necessary. In addition to the wicked cold weather, this city does not have snow plows. Supposedly, it does... three to be precise but I've not yet to see one nor do the streets beg to differ. :-\ So we slipped and slid all the way to Jay's work... and then I slipped and slid all the way home. Thankfully, one of my sisters came by and offered to pick him up from work tonight. Phew for family! :)

When he gets home tonight, about 7ish, we plan to celebrate our Christmas. Nina had to work last night... she goes in at 6... and we wanted to celebrate as a family. We will exchange gifts after our turkey dinner. My house smells so yummy! I've got the turkey in the roaster... stuffing, dirty Cajun rice and macaroni and cheese are baking in the oven. Ice cream for dessert. We do Christmas simple. Now Thanksgiving... that's a totally different holiday! I love fall and Thanksgiving... no pressure about gift giving... so I go all out with the meal and desserts. :) Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. I like to keep it simple.

The heater has been going almost non-stop all day in an attempt to keep the house somewhat warm. It's still wicked cold in here... probably not as cold as outside... but it's still cold! :( When I want to warm up... I go to the bathroom. It is toasty warm in there. :) Thank goodness! Baths are not dreaded because of the cold! :)

Nina left earlier this afternoon to a friend's Christmas party. She's suppose to be home by 6:30. So I've been home all alone this afternoon. I love being left alone. I can play with stuff in my craft room... and play I did! :)

I found a challenge I just HAD to participate in. Alicia's Crafty Corner has A Special Challenge going on with her newest digi. She's new to the digi world... only opened up her store recently. Aside from cute images, the main reason I purchased her digis... I have all four... is because Alicia has An Idea and it touched my heart. I thought her commitment to do this is so unselfish in this selfish word we live in right now. I. Had. To. Buy. These. Stamps... Had. To! :)

I used gifted background paper and die cut. Card stock and ribbon are from my stash. I used Copics to add color to the image. I thought the image made a great thank you card. I plan to bring the card with some sweets and coffee to a friend. Isn't that ever so appropriate? :)

Thanks for stopping by. I have to cut this short! I think I smell something burning... I hope it's not the turkey! :-\ 

Hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones... I especially hope you didn't have to spend time with anyone you didn't want to. :) That always makes for a great holiday! ;)

Merry Christmas at the Chicken Farm!

Merry Christmas and welcome to my chicken farm! By the end of the post, you'll understand my welcome... ;) 

I've written twice before about a swap I have with friends over on FB in a private group. We are having a swap based on the alphabet. We are up to the letter C and are doing chickens. I had a blast with this swap! I cannot wait to send my cards out! I've shared three before today... now I am sharing the last four. We are a group of eight. I need to send seven out... later... when the Christmas rush calms down... I'll make my own to keep. :) Besides... I'm not sure I could chose! I love them all!

I used Rooster Provincial from Hobby Lobby or Countryside Villa from Michael's paper pads for all these cards. All card stock, ribbon, feathers, flower and twine are from my stash. All of the images were colored with Copics. 

On this first card, I wanted to add a plastic sunflower I have stashed somewhere in my craft room. I became frustrated looking for it... have you seen a previous post called Art Space? I had good reason to become frustrated! :-\ I did remember I had a clear stamp of a sunflower... actually... I have three, one in rubber but that one is large. Sunflower stamps are like coffee / tea stamp sets... I cannot pass them up! Typewriters and phones are two more I have several of! I can't imagine ever having a need for more than one... but I'm getting off the subject. 

This first one is Little Wood Rooster from Meljen's Designs. I stamped the sunflower stamp three times and did a fussy cut on two. I then layered the three images. I applied Liquid Applique in brown to the center of the flower for added dimension and when I went to dry it... it turned tan! I then went back over it with a dark brown Copic.  

This image is Chicken Cute from MilkCoffee on Etsy. I liked how the feathers behind the mat looked! I thought it was such a fun look! :)

I liked the feather look so much I repeated it! :) The large chicken image is Get Well Soup from Fresh Brewed Designs. The smaller image is Chicken Soup from Raisin Boat. Aren't the feathers fun?

This last card is actually made from some printed paper I received long ago from a friend. The entire packet were farm fresh and french kitchen images. I love this rooster head image! I layered several flower pieces I had to create one fluffy flower.

So are you in agreement? Was today's visit kinda like visiting a chicken farm? ;) lol Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas with loved ones! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tessy Two Step

I love country! So naturally... I fell in love with Tessy Two Step from Scrapbook Stamp Society. She makes me wanna put on my cowboy boots and go two-stepping! Only problem with that... I don't own a pair of cowboy boots and haven't been two-stepping in decades! :( 

I love the look of pink with denim... you'd think I was a hip dresser based on how I color my digis... ;) ... lol ... I throw caution to the wind when dressing myself! I've put back weight I lost in 2010 this past year due to the meds I am taking for the leukemia (which is now in remission, thank you Lord Jesus). When I start school in January 2013 I'm hoping to be able to shed these extra pounds. I'll certainly be doing lots more walking on campus... that will help tremendously! I struggle to get into some of my clothes and I can't help but wonder if that is a good thing. ;) Cause I'd be dressing like Tessy! ;) lol

I used background paper with the look of faded denim and as all the other supplies used, I couldn't tell you where I got them! :( I've been hoarding these for years! :( My bad! However, the digi is new... :) ... and so are the Copics and EK Success color pencils I used to color her. Naturally... I used Crystal Snow from Stampendous to edge her petticoat because petticoats shimmer in my "Ema-gination" ... ;) lol In real life, the boots and cowboy hat look like weathered leather! I kid you not! I hate not having a good camera right now... it doesn't do justice to my cards. I hope you enjoyed! I had a blast making this card. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eleanor and Pickles Magical Christmas Flight

Well.... you may find this hard to believe... but I am WAY early for a challenge! I normally like to wait till the last minute... the added stress adds years to my life... :-\ ... that might explain why I miss deadlines... but in the past... I haven't always been working with something I really liked... and in case I've not told y'all this before... I really like the Eleanor and Pickles line at Scrapbook Stamp Society. Remind me of my Hershey and her dog, Fish. :)

I thought I was done with Christmas cards but I found one last challenge I want to participate in that is Christmas themed. The rest are "anything goes"... thank goodness! I am all Christmased out! If that can be believed! Actually... as a single gal... I can tell you truthfully... I don't know if this is the case with men... the only time I discussed Christmas with a male friend he told me a story of moving furniture in his home to put up a tree... I'd not ever had a male friend tell me this before... they usually told me stories of spending the holidays with mother and family. Ssooo... for myself... I can't stand the time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year's... as a single gal... I always feel like a third wheel. :-\ I had a girlfriend once tell me she felt like that about Valentine's Day. Pffft... that's just ONE day... holiday season is a good 40+/- days! Anyway... sorry... got off track! :)

Ribbon Carousel is having a Holiday Spirit Challenge. I was more than a little frustrated this time about not having enough colors with my Copics. Definitely buying a large set of the Spectrum Noir markers I wrote about before. :-\ I know my children are gifting me Hobby Lobby gift cards but they also bought me the only two sets HL sell as well. So I have to wait until I find $179.80 laying around. :) Any minute now... :-\ lol

I made my card with Eleanor and Pickles Magical Christmas Flight. I used Divine Twine Bakers Twine from WhiskerGraphics. The challenge calls for a holiday spirit theme and requires ribbon or twine. I covered that! :) I like working with twine because it is so super easy to make bows! Since discovering this, I've become Queen of Bows. I think I covered that in a previous post. :) I find this tri-colored twine delightful! I'd say divine but then that would be redundant. ;) I think it's... in one word... wicked awesome! Love. It! It kinda makes me think bipolar though... not sure what color it wants to be... so it's three... but I still love it! :) Or is that psychotic? ;) lol

Of course, I used my Crystal Snow from Stampendous on all the fur trimmings and Liquid Applique for the snow covered rooftops. I sprinkled Crystal Snow around the "snow covered rooftops" because... and I lived in Connecticut and New Hampshire for 10+/- years so I think I know what I am talking about... snow glistens. Besides... even if I had not seen it myself... it's in all the Christmas songs I've got stuck in my head playing over and over again... :-\ I love Crystal Snow... I just HAVE to make things sparkly! Have. To! I'm like that post I've seen floating around on Pinterest and FB... I was born with glitter in my blood... or something like that but less creepy. :) I know I have it ALL over my craft room. I spilled an entire vial of red glitter almost a month ago and keep finding it. I've gone out to dinner with my daughter and sisters on different occasions since and they'd make a comment that I had glitter on my face. :-\ So it MUST be true! I've had guys I dated in the past tell me they thought of me whenever they saw something sparkly. I thought they were referring to my personality! ;) lol

Anyway... I sponged the sky with Faded Jeans, Broken China and Black Soot Tim Holtz distress inks by Ranger. In real life... the sky looks darker... I can't get it to photograph like that. I took several photos... I think it's the camera... it's from my Motorola Razor. My digital camera gave out on me this past February. A new camera... this time digital... :) ... is on my list of things to buy when I find that elusive money I know is laying around here somewhere. :)

I also used green rhinestones for the center of the bows for that extra bling! :) I found this little plastic clip that was popular years ago with the word "Glee"... I had to use it... I couldn't help thinking if I was flying around in the sky on Christmas with a frog pulling the sleigh I would be hollering "Whee!" and I didn't find a whee but I found a glee and that is pretty gosh darn close in my dictionary! ;) I'll share my dictionary with you some day... in the mean time... I'll tell you why I thought she'd be hollering "Whee"... when I moved to Connecticut back in August 1998, I stayed with my friend, Ken Smiley. He introduced a totally different country to me. Trust me... coming from Texas... Connecticut was a different country! Anyway, before arriving in Connecticut, I'd not ever seen the ocean or been on a motorcycle ride. Ken introduced me to both. I've not been on another motorcycle since but I remember the exhilarating ride and how I cried out "Whee!" on all the dips in the road! It was fun! And not fun like going up on a hot air balloon dangerously close to power lines or landing safely on the ground from a Cessna flight "fun" but FUN!!! :-D Ken Smiley... you'd think with a name like that he'd be a happy, go-lucky kinda guy... huh? Anyway... ;) ...

The background paper and card stock are from my stash. I also used a Spellbinders border on the card base. I stuck a random star in the middle of the night sky cause I thought Eleanor and Pickles might need a star to guide their way home... speaking of which...

It isn't that I am a Grinch or a Scrooge about Christmas... I know lots of folks say it's about family and loved ones... you know what? Family and loved ones are with us every single day... or as often as we want them to be. It's like Mother's Day... yeah... let's honor our mothers on a specific day but let's remember and love our mothers... Every. Single. Day... Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ... making the holiday special and presents are for children... we as Christian adults should remember the reason we are celebrating the day... humble ourselves before God and be thankful for all He has given us... not just on Thanksgiving day either. I am sickened by how materialistic society has made the day. Maybe I say this because God has spared my life twice. First back in 2009 after the automobile accident I survived... again this year when I went into remission from leukemia... I feel He gave me my life back twice because... He has great plans for me. What those plans are unclear to me right now... but He does have great plans for me. I am blessed with way more than I need. I am unemployed right now... my son is supporting us. We go without nothing. We have all the necessities of life and even some luxuries. I do make this very special Christmas wish for each and every one of you who take the time to read my random words in this ever so random way of communicating... that you do have all you need in life... air to breath... food and water to sustain you... a warm bed to sleep in at night... a roof to keep you dry... finally... the most important... people who love you without hesitation or doubt... God bless. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fifi and Bubbles

I was gonna post this tomorrow and give you my wonderful news ... well ... wonderful to me ... but I am posting a little early because I received a digital stamp I have to show you! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! I also knew right away what colors I was going to use because when you see it you will realize... the ONLY colors I could use are pink and blue! I love how it came out!

The stamp is called Fifi and Bubbles and is from Scrapbook Stamp Society. I used GCD Studios Petit Blossoms - Homespun Chic by Melody Ross (scroll down to the bottom of the page). I knew I would have to use this pretty floral as the background paper just from seeing the tiny flowers on the image. Thankfully... I had been hoarding the paper for just such an occasion ... I kid you not ... what? Did you think I was hoarding it only because it was pretty paper and I just didn't want to use it? Ha! Right! ;) The ribbon is from Michael's and the button is from the collection of buttons I inherited from my mom back in the late 1980s. I was but a mere child... really ... Mere. Child. ;) I used my Copics I currently possess and this is the first time I had this irrational thought... I wish I had more! I wanted the colors on her to be softer and these were the softest shades I have... I still like how she came out though. I used my reliable Crystal Snow from Stampendous on the bubbles to make them glisten... and My Paper World Paper Pen by Viva Decor in opal for the beads on the poodles bow and a couple of itty, bitty rhinestones from Michael's for the required bling on the poodle's collar... REQUIRED. Bling. :) Here is the card...

Isn't it adorable?!? Below I'm showing you a close up of the beads on the poodles bow. I love the look I achieved...

Now to tell you my wonderful news! Maybe you've noticed I am posting more and more images from Scrapbook Stamp Society (SSS). Well... you know that white on white challenge I had to redo because I used the wrong stamp... SSS was hosting the challenge... they came to my blog to see the card and discovered I used the wrong stamp! They informed me of the my little goof and I went to fix it immediately... in the mean time... they saw what I had going on and OBVIOUSLY... recognize great talent when they see it! ;) lol I was asked to be part of their Design Team! I was so excited about the invitation. I had to give it some serious thought. So I did... for about five seconds! Yes! Five seconds... that's all it took! First... have you seen their stamps? There's so many of them that are wicked cute! Second... they recognize awesome talent! ;) OK, well the first time it was great and the second time it was awesome but how far apart are those two words in the dictionary... other than five letters in between... they are practically the same definition! ;) lol It is in my dictionary! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are as thrilled as I am to learn of my new "promotion" in crafting world. :)

Last Minute Christmas Gift

Did you forget someone? Need a stocking stuffer? How about a gift certificate for the crafty girl in your life! One size fits all... :) You can find these at Scrapbook Stamp Society.

Since I'm here... I wasn't gonna post today... I'm VERY busy cleaning... cough, cough... ;)

Let me show you one of my chicken cards I'm dying to show off! :)

I saw this rooster... and she ASKED me to make her into a quilt! She did! I love it! I meant to make the ribbon into a blue ribbon look but well... if you are my age... you know the whole thing about short -term memory loss. I suffer from it... hopeless case! :( Anyway... I used Copics for the coloring and Rooster Provincial paper pad from Michael's. Ribbon and card stock from my stash. Image is from Stitchy Bear Digital Stamps and called Calum Cockrel.

Isn't she just wicked awesome?!?

Eleanor and Pickles

Guess what? I was wrong about the deadline again... but in a good way this time! I've already completed the challenge that was due by 6 PM Christmas Day! It was the one I did day before yesterday! Duh! I'll tell you what it is... it's after midnight... I have stayed up late all week long crafting... getting up early to get ready for the holiday week... I can't remember much of anything... which is OK because after the last deadline I missed... I wrote all the info down on a note pad. All I have to do is go have a look see and I know where I am at.

So I knew I needed to finish a card with red and green with glitter/sparkle... I know how to do sparkle! :) The card is for Challenge #42 Red and Green Plus Glitter/Sparkle at  Crafting for All Seasons Challenge Blog. I used a digi from Scrapbook Stamp Society named Eleanor and Pickles Christmas Caroling. Get this... it's a $1 digi! Yes! It is! They have about 123 $1 digis here. Go check it out for yourself if you think I am pulling your leg!You will find out that I am not! :)

I love the Eleanor and Pickles images... I am not sure why... kinda remind me of my Hershey and her dog, Fish. Eleanor is a cute girl... my Hershey, aka Nina, was a cute girl... she's a beautiful young lady now... just have a look see over there on the right side of my blog... :) ... but when she was young... she was cute... Pickles is an unusual name for a frog... Fish is an unusual name for a dog... Eleanor and Pickles are best friends and there are several digis of the two of them... I have just about all of these because I fell in love with them! :) Nina and Fish are more than best friends... she calls Fish her baby... my grandchild... she's had Fish since September 2009... she's a VERY well-behaved dog... and everywhere Hershey goes, Fish goes. They both clearly love each other. :) Enough of that...

So here's my card...

The background paper is from Bazzill. I used a Spellbinders' Christmas die for the poinsettia. The doily is from Michael's cake department... Yes! My friend Terry filled me in on that great deal!! I used Stampendous Snow Crystals on the "fur" on Eleanor's outfit. She strikes me as a glamorous kind of gal. If you look closely, there's glitter to make the snow glisten. :) I also added red glitter on two of the berries on the poinsettia. Of course, the ribbon, brad and card stock is from my stash. I used EK Success color pencils and Copic markers for the coloring. After I was done... and this may be the fatigue talking... but the poinsettia and ribbon... kinda looks like Pancho Villa to me... maybe it's because I'm Hispanic... no... I think cause it does! Look...

See... two red glittery eyes, one large shiny red nose and massive long red and green mustache... the long daggly one Pancho Villa wears in all the pics I've seen... on the other hand... could also pass for Yosemite Sam... or the TT Raider mascot. haha... No... I think it's maybe I'm just very tired and sleepy... :) Good night! I'll be back tomorrow, Sunday, to post a new card with my exciting news! Come back and read all about it! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Speaking of Challenges

Well... not really... but sorta... ;)

My last post I did was for a challenge with the ABC theme... that's speaking of the challenges... I wrote about having an ABC swap with a group of friends in a private group on FB... and now we are done speaking of challenges. :) We are up to the letter C and are making cards with chickens. I have made six so far and ALL are different... I can't help it! The ideas are flowing out of my ears! Actually... spilling out! I have so many and if I could... I'd ask the girls to do it again when we got to the letter R but that time it would have to be roosters just so I can get all these ideas down on paper... but as I wrote... we're barely at letter C! By the time R gets around... maybe they'd have booted me out of the group! :-\ It wouldn't happen... we've been online friends since about 2004. So anyway... eventually I will show you all the cards but this one I have to show now... I. Have. To!

I think myself rather creative... :) ... I have proof! ;) I made this card with five... count them with me... one... Chicken Soup... two... Chicken Coop... three... Fright Night... four... Dig Halloween... five... Foreground Forest... of my Raisin Boat clear stamps... FIVE! I'm very pleased with how my artwork... YES! I called it artwork... came out... look for yourself...

What did I tell you?!? Creative! Artwork! Wicked awesome! Alright... I didn't write wicked awesome before but I don't think it was necessary... it was implied... and as you can see for yourself... very appropriate! ;)

So I did use five of the many Raisin Boat clear stamps I possess... I used Copic markers on the detail coloring and Memento ink pads for the grass and sky. I loved how the tree came out! Love. It! The various card stock and ribbon is from my long time hoarded stash. The background paper is from Countryside Villa from Hobby Lobby. It's an 8.5X5.5 card... a good hefty size. The only problem I foresee in the future... is distributing my cards. First... I can't help but want to keep each and every one of them! You think I jest but I will show you the others later. Second... I have to distribute the cards out to seven gals who signed up for the swap. All the cards are different as I've already written... but maybe you've forgotten that part by now... how am I to decide who gets which card?!? I think when I am ready to get the packets mailed out... I will have my daughter, Nina... whom I affectionately call Hershey... put my cards into the packets without my seeing who gets what... and maybe even mailing the package... because I can see myself wanting to open them up to see who gets what! :-D Anyway... I'm off to make a couple of more cards to meet my obligations... one of which I will share with you in my next post... another one is for a challenge that is due by 6 PM Christmas Day! That one I will share after the next one. :) Aren't you excited?!? Something to look forward to! ;) lol

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Punch or Die Challenge

You are NOT going to believe this. Last post... I missed the deadline! If you've read some of my previous posts you will know... this is not the first time! :( I came close to tears this time too! Turns out the challenge was a WEEKLY challenge. I lumped it with my monthly challenges. Oh, well... lesson learned... after that little fiasco... I went and double checked ALL my challenges I want to participate in. I think I got them down pat!

So this challenge is for the Favorite Punch or Die Challenge at ABC Christmas Challenge. What a fab idea they had! I'm not sure when the challenge started but it was... guess... based on the alphabet! Purpose was to make 26 Christmas cards by Christmas. They are up to the letter "Y"... which is where I come in. I only just today found it. :) Had I only known!

I'm doing a similar thing over on FB with a group of gals I've been friends with since 2004. We are having a swap though. We make a card for each participant with a theme from the current letter but it doesn't have to be Christmas themed. We have an entire month to finish the card and get these postal. We are up to the letter "C"... so it appears great minds DO think alike... which is where my previous post came in... AND I was attempting to make the challenge I missed. :-\ Anywho...

This is my card for the challenge at ABC Christmas Challenge. I used Spellbinder scalloped square and Christmas ornament dies. Who wouldn't like a square scalloped die? It is so versatile! That's how I feel about the square and circle dies I have. Oblong and rectangle too. You can use them for anything and everything! Love them! Then... who wouldn't love anything Christmas-y? I always have a hard time passing anything up that's Christmas-y. :) The stamp is from Scrapbook Stamp Society and I used Copic and color pencils to color the image. I also used my favorite Crystal Snow from Stampendous on the "lace" edging on the dress. I used Liquid Applique on the top of the ornament because the ornament reminded me of some we had when I was younger... back in the... you know what? It was when I was younger. :) I almost AGED myself there! Anyway, the ornament did bring back memories... they had embossing that looked like snow. So I embellished the ornament on the image to look like the ornaments of yesteryear. :) The image is Susie Lou Christmas Ornament Ragamuffin. Get this... she's $1! Yup! They have about 123 $1 digis! Isn't that awesome?!? I had to stop myself at $19... Had. To. Make. Myself. Stop!

I strung gold cording on the Christmas ornament dies... they are ready to be hung! :) Here is a closer look at the snow-capped ornament. 

Mother Hen

I'm having fun with these challenges! :) Now... once school starts... we will re-visit the whole thing but I think I might could participate in a few of these each month! :)

So this card is for an "Anything Goes" challenge over at Meljen's Designs. I bought me this little Mother Hen stamp because who doesn't like chickens? ;) They are tasty! They are multi-tasking! They lay eggs and make a mighty fine meal too... ;) lol I grew up on a farm... I have VIVID memories of seeing chickens running around with their heads cut off but that's a story for another post... :) ... for now, I want to show you this card. I love how it came out! :) I REALLY DO!

I used Spellbinders' scalloped circle die. I like this die! It is so... versatile... :) The card stock I used was from my hoarded stash. I used Rooster Provincial paper pack from Michael's and Copic markers for the image. I so love the finished project! :)


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