Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

I am rushing to get this posted before the end of the day. I haven't posted anything for the 31st and that just cannot be so! ;) lol

Alicia's Crafty Corner still has A Special Challenge going on and to my horror... I discovered today... I can post THREE cards! So I got right on it! ;) lol 

This is one of the five images I bought from her... of course... after reading her "An Idea" post, I HAD to have all five... not all at the same time... she keeps adding. :) As of this post, she has five images... she's new to the digi world... and because of her post... I DO have all five. :) Besides... even if she didn't have that idea, I'd still buy these... they are wicked cute! I've shown you Honey... now I'll show you Photographer.

Here she is in living color... ;) lol

I used the following Copic markers to bring life to her:

Hair: E13, E15, E18
Headband and eyes: B00, B04
Jeans: B00, B04, N2
Skintone: E00, E11, R20
Camera: B00, N0, N2
Boots: N6
T-shirt and tracing around image: N0

Isn't she darling? I had to pair her up with my TPC Studio Cling Retro Stamp Set. I used card stock, ribbon, printed paper and chipboard from my stash. I've always wanted to do one of these angled image cards... and just as I suspected... I keep wanting to straighten it. lol That is what had been keeping me from doing it before now but I still like how it came out. What do you think? 

Here is the card:

This little gal is motivating me to take pictures in 2013. I've always wanted to complete a Becky Higgins Project Life project. I can't seem to be able to follow through. I am ALWAYS forgetting to take pictures! Or... even better... I do take pictures... and I am not in them! :-\ I can document with words... cause I do write... I often have a lot to say... I bet you cannot believe that huh? ;) lol

I do want to do something to document my life a little bit better for the sake of my daughter. I'd like her to have something to look back on with understanding and compassion for my many years of single parenting and now... singlehood... is that even a word? It should be! I want to document this for her not just with words... but pictures too! :) 

I've decided... after being given a second chance at life... and then a third one... I have to make the most of what I do have. I'm happy with my life most times... I cannot really complain about anything... sure... sometimes things do seem rough... but I have my health, thankfully... I am buying a home for my little family... I will be returning to college to finally get a degree... yes! I've decided I know what I want to be when I grow up! ;) lol I'll be attending the university in our fair city for 2013 to obtain the missing science classes I require to enter into nursing school. If all goes well... I should begin nursing school in 2014 and be finished by the end of 2015. :) 

So as you can see... I really don't have much to complain about... although... every now and then... I do wish I had someone to bring me flowers to make me smile... I can't help it! I buy my own flowers occasionally... but I think it is the innate belief every woman has from time to time... to be taken care of... to be cherished. Since I don't... can't... won't have that... I'm documenting ALL that I DO have! :) I have to start taking pictures though! lol With me in them! Not just head shots for FB either... pictures of things I love to do... pictures of me doing these things I love... pictures of things I love to eat... pictures of me eating... well... maybe I don't HAVE to document EVERYTHING... ;) lol

Come back tomorrow! I'll have Coloring Alicia to show you and a story of my newest obsession... I mean... newest hobby of coloring with Copic markers. :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment so I'll know you came calling while I was out... ;) lol

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