Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Did It Again...

I liked how my first "human" digi stamp came out... I went and did it again! :)

Actually... I did it twice!

I used the same cute digi from SimplyB. This first one was inspired by the background paper. It has pink in it and I am not sure you can pick that up in the picture. I didn't mean for her hair to come out gray! I was going for black but the last time I went with the black I had a hard time shading. I planned to fix the hair but realized... I like it! :) So I left it... what do you think?

I wasn't too thrilled with how the hair shading came out on this one. I worked it and I worked it. This is the point where I am done... still doesn't look like I wanted it to... but I'm happy with it and off it goes to the post office. :)

I think I might have the energy to do one more! ;) lol

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