Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's the Chicken Farm Again!

Yes... I thought I was ALL DONE with the seven chicken cards I needed for the swap over on FB I've written about before. Wellll.... I took the cards over to my mom for her to have a look see... she LOVES chickens and roosters... collected them in her home for years! When I inherited her belongings I inherited many, many chickens and roosters... over the years I downsized the collection. There were just too many! I've kept a few I love... they blended well with my own collection of sunflowers, chili peppers and the warm fall colors I love so much... reds, oranges, golds... here... I'll show you!

I know! Kinda busy, huh? Don't know where to look first? I love it! I read an article online of an artist who surrounded her work space with things she loves. Having been diagnosed with leukemia changed a lot for me. I reassessed all that I owned... I have kept only the things I absolutely love... and I don't have much in storage. If I love it... it's on display. If you look closely, in the picture above, smack in the middle of the picture on the top shelf next to the red pail, there's a Halloween ghost. :) lol In the picture above that, if you have a closer look, there are fall items in the china cabinet. I love it. I get to see it every day. :) By the way, as you can see... my kitchen is TINY! But it's mine! I became a home owner this year. I can do as I please with my house... and I have. The very first thing I did... I removed the doors to the cabinets! :) lol I. LOVE! How. It. Looks! I do!

I've surrounded myself with things I love in ALL the rooms in my home. It's how I roll these days. :) Life is too short to have things stored away for a special occasion... 

But I didn't come on here to show you pics of my house... I got sidetracked... what I came on here to show you started with me telling you how I showed my mom the chicken cards. Well she kept two! I didn't mean for her to keep any! Well, maybe one... definitely not two! But it allowed me to get one of the cards corrected. I mean... I like how it came out... but I had different plans on how it would look when I was finished... then... I've written I had many, many ideas for chicken cards. I made another different one. Here I'll show you...

This image from Stitchy Bear Digital Stamps called Calum Cockrel keeps asking me to turn her into a quilt! I cannot look at her and not think quilt! AND... I did such an awesome job... she deserved a blue ribbon at the county fair... so she DID win one... :) lol I made the 1st Place ribbon with a rosette from blue card stock, I cut two strips of paper to hang behind the rosette to look like ribbons dangling and I used a Spellbinders scalloped circle for the center... 

What? You don't know how to make a rosette? I used these instructions and cut my paper to 1X12. Hope the link helps! :) 

I love how it came out! For once... it looks just like I "Ema-gined" it! ;) lol I. Love. This. Card! I hate to give it away! :-\ I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do.

Then... I had one more image I found and loved... aren't these the cutest love birds ever! Except... they aren't love birds... it's a rooster and chicken! I thought it was too cute! It's an image I found at Coloring Page Tuesdays by Elizabeth O. Dulemba called ever so appropriately... Love Chickens! Don't you just love that!?! All the card stock, ribbon, brads and leather flowers were from my stash. I used Spellbinders heart nestabilities and the printed background and little label are from the Rooster Provincial paper pad from Hobby Lobby.

After all this... I'm not showing my mother any more cards! ;) lol 
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Well,Ema...evn tho I have only seen your kitchen in photo's Ilove it...and you know as a felow chicken/rooster lover I could go shopping there! And I know I am not suppose to see the cards...I love them...especially the lovebirds!!!!


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