Friday, December 21, 2012

Speaking of Challenges

Well... not really... but sorta... ;)

My last post I did was for a challenge with the ABC theme... that's speaking of the challenges... I wrote about having an ABC swap with a group of friends in a private group on FB... and now we are done speaking of challenges. :) We are up to the letter C and are making cards with chickens. I have made six so far and ALL are different... I can't help it! The ideas are flowing out of my ears! Actually... spilling out! I have so many and if I could... I'd ask the girls to do it again when we got to the letter R but that time it would have to be roosters just so I can get all these ideas down on paper... but as I wrote... we're barely at letter C! By the time R gets around... maybe they'd have booted me out of the group! :-\ It wouldn't happen... we've been online friends since about 2004. So anyway... eventually I will show you all the cards but this one I have to show now... I. Have. To!

I think myself rather creative... :) ... I have proof! ;) I made this card with five... count them with me... one... Chicken Soup... two... Chicken Coop... three... Fright Night... four... Dig Halloween... five... Foreground Forest... of my Raisin Boat clear stamps... FIVE! I'm very pleased with how my artwork... YES! I called it artwork... came out... look for yourself...

What did I tell you?!? Creative! Artwork! Wicked awesome! Alright... I didn't write wicked awesome before but I don't think it was necessary... it was implied... and as you can see for yourself... very appropriate! ;)

So I did use five of the many Raisin Boat clear stamps I possess... I used Copic markers on the detail coloring and Memento ink pads for the grass and sky. I loved how the tree came out! Love. It! The various card stock and ribbon is from my long time hoarded stash. The background paper is from Countryside Villa from Hobby Lobby. It's an 8.5X5.5 card... a good hefty size. The only problem I foresee in the future... is distributing my cards. First... I can't help but want to keep each and every one of them! You think I jest but I will show you the others later. Second... I have to distribute the cards out to seven gals who signed up for the swap. All the cards are different as I've already written... but maybe you've forgotten that part by now... how am I to decide who gets which card?!? I think when I am ready to get the packets mailed out... I will have my daughter, Nina... whom I affectionately call Hershey... put my cards into the packets without my seeing who gets what... and maybe even mailing the package... because I can see myself wanting to open them up to see who gets what! :-D Anyway... I'm off to make a couple of more cards to meet my obligations... one of which I will share with you in my next post... another one is for a challenge that is due by 6 PM Christmas Day! That one I will share after the next one. :) Aren't you excited?!? Something to look forward to! ;) lol

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  1. Ema, this card is stunning!! (Actually, make that wicked awesome, just as you said!!) I LOVE it! What a gorgeous job you did coloring and detailing, and such a clever way to use the sets together. We'd love to share this sometime on our Facebook page and/or Idea Gallery when you're done with the challenge - let us know if/when this would be OK with you! Merry Christmas to you and your family! - Smiles, Kim -


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