Friday, January 4, 2013

Artist Mug

Hello my blogging peeps! Welcome to my blog! :) lol

I am participating in Challenge #141 - New Beginnings at Meljen's Designs Design Team and Challenges blog. The title says it all... has to be about a new baby, new year, new house, new job... get the picture? ;) ... AND a Meljen's Designs digi. That was the tough part but ANY TIME I have to use a digi, trying to pick JUST one to color is my downfall. After much consternation... on MY part... ;) ... I did finally chose one... Artist Mug. 

Here it is in living color...

These are the Copic markers I used...

Yellows: Y13, Y19
Reds: R43, RV69
Grays/Blacks: N2, N4, N6, N8
Greens: YG41, YG45
Fuchsia: V05
Blues: B00, B04
Pinks: R20, RV13

I used this image to make a card for my imaginary friend... I call all my online friends... imaginary friends. I know they are there, I share thoughts with them, I speak of them to "real" people, I think of them when I see something that brings these "imaginery" friends to mind... but no one ever sees them... not even me... so how can they be real? ;) lol I still consider them my friends... some of them very dear friends. :)

So I made a card for my imaginary friend, Barb who started a new venture recently. I should have sent this card out at the time of the announcement but let me explain my delay. Barb... is... an artist. I. Was. VERY. Intimidated! I thought about it when I was crafting... I thought about it when I was cooking... and when I couldn't sleep... I thought about it some more. WHAT kind of card to make for my friend... and... more importantly... be appropriate!?! If you knew Barb as I know Barb... you'd understand the point of the question. ;) 

Yesterday morning, I was online with another imaginary friend, Terry, and we were surfing the web together... actually... she was looking at one store while I shopped another and we'd come back and show each other what we were finding... truth be told... I would show her what I found... she was shopping somewhere I'd already shopped and would give me her "analysis" of the marketplace. See what I mean? We share our opinions with each other... my imaginary friends and I. :) So anyway, as we were doing this I was browsing at Meljen's and I came upon the artist mug and *SNAP*... a light bulb went off! I shared the link with Terry and asked her isn't this perfect for Barb? She agreed... and here I am. :)

Here is the card:

I wanted to do a mixed media art piece because this is the type of art Barb does. As much as I "get" mixed media art... I just don't "get" how to do it. I did the next best thing... I "get" how to do a card! ;) I hope Barb likes it. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Hi Ema,

    Great card! Great colors! Great story! Thanks for playing along with us at Meljen's. I hope you join us again!

    ~Barb,DT@Meljen's Designs

  2. Oh Wonderful Ema!!!

    I LOVE my card.

    Never, never, ever let someone else's artwork intimidate you. It's all about the passion and joy you feel doing it. Seriously. If I waited until I felt like I was as good as Gaugin or Van Gogh, I'd never paint.



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