Friday, January 11, 2013

Brooksie Book Nerd

I'm including this card in the Milk Coffee Something New Challenge. The challenge is for new products or cards celebrating new events in our lives. This is a new digi for me. I bought it right before Christmas and this is my first time to use it. :)

I'm going back to school on January 16th. I am sure I am not the only "older" student going back. When I saw this image... that is the first thing I thought about... all of the other men and woman returning to school for one reason or other. I'd been thinking about going back for a very long time... circumstances in my life would just not work out in my favor to do so. Recently, life events forced my hand to make changes and after much pondering and with my son's support, things finally worked out and I am returning to school. I'll be attending one of the local universities to obtain four science courses, a nutrition course and a human development course I require to enter a 2-year nursing program offered at one of the hospitals in our fair city. I'll be honest... I'm a little freaked out about it... I can't remember where my shoes are... and I only took them off a couple of hours ago... but I will attempt to memorize science "stuff" and take exams and hope to pass! I doubt myself a lot... and I often comfort myself with my favorite Bible verse... I can do all things through Him who gives me strength... :)

So when I saw this image, Brooksie Book Nerd from Scrapbook Stamp Society... I thought to myself she looks kinda dreamy reading her book and all the worlds a book can open up for a reader... I am a reader... I know that dreamy world... I've often traveled far sitting in my favorite chair in my home while reading a book. I love to read. After studying the image some more... and remembering my predicament... I got to thinking... maybe she's really thinking she got herself into something way over her head... and wondering how to get out of it... worried she might not be as book smart as she thinks she is... that is when I knew... I needed to quit studying the image and color it... so I did and these are the Copic markers I used to color the image:

Blacks: N8, N6, N4
Reds: R46, RV69
Browns: E18, E15, E13
Skin tone and eyes: E11, E13, R20 and E15

So then I started feeling better about the whole school thing again... :) lol I felt pretty smart after coloring... lol ;)

I added lots of printed paper and card stock from my stash to make the image into a card and here it is...

I love the deep reds and browns I used on Brooksie. Reds always make me feel better about everything... reds are so passionate... like me... I will do good in school... you watch and see. :)

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  1. A lovely card, beautifully coloured. Well done in taking the plunge to become an 'older student', I'm sure you will do well. Good luck

  2. You have coloured this great image fabulously! (is that a real word>)
    Good luck with your return to school - and have faith in yourself!
    Le t us know your progress!!

  3. This is a lovely card Ema I love this image too...she's gorgeous chick
    huge hugs, Lorraine xx

  4. Love the colouring...
    Thanks for joining us over at MIlk Coffee Stamps Challenge.


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