Monday, January 14, 2013

Challenge #94 Flower Extra Vaganza

:) Before I get into the challenge bit... I want to tell you... I figured out how to add a watermark! :) I am not sure I even need a watermark... I don't feel it's necessary... but I have friends who have suggested it. Better safe than sorry. That's my motto. :) If I were a man... I'd be one of those men who would wear a belt with suspenders... :-| ... Yup! ;) Better safe than sorry. :) So, I'm toying with watermark styles for now. I was using something called PicMarkr. But it didn't offer very many styles... so I wasn't too keen on it... plus I had to upload and download files and I would ALWAYS forget! :( I'm not sure this new way will be any better but I go in there to edit the pic anyway and while in there... I hope I can remember to add the watermark. There are more colors and fonts available... but no fancy schmancy watermark... and I've written already... I'm not even sure I need one. :-\ So anyway...

I am playing in The Paper Shelter's Challenge #94 Flower Extra Vaganza. Hence... the title to this post... rather clever of me... wouldn't you say? ;) lol

I love The Paper Shelter. Love. Love. Love their images. I wish I could afford to buy ALL of them... but I have a mortgage and bills to pay... I'm not working while I go to school... and my son, Jay, is covering the NECESSITIES. I checked... digis are not necessities... :-| ... I keep telling myself I have plenty... at last count I think I remember there were 17 plus a freebie they gave out sometime around the holiday. I am SO GLAD I got in on that! So now I have maybe 18. :) The prize for the challenges is a $30 gift card to The Paper Shelter IF I use one of their digis... DUH! :) I've got that covered! Have I said I love The Paper Shelter. I would LOVE to win! Last challenge they had over 300 participants... :-| ... what are the odds?!? :-\ On the other hand... it would take forever to pick out what I cannot live without... so maybe it IS a good thing I may never win! ;) lol

One of the reasons I won't play the lottery. Were I to win... first... I might could have a heart attack from the excitement! What good would that do? Second... I could go CRAZY with so much money and where would THAT get me? So all is good just as it is... ;) lol

Theme of the challenge is... flowers... and lots of them... there has to be more than three flowers on the project. I think I got that covered! :) I am using the Japanese Cute Doll digi. I... once again... forgot to take a pic of the colored image! :( So here is the card...

See my new watermark? I am probably going to be playing with it for awhile... but I liked this color for this card... makes the red in the digi pop more. :)

So here are the Copic markers I used to color the image:

Golds: YR23, Y19
Blacks: N8, N6, N4
Reds: R37, R46, RV29, RV69
Pinks: R01, R20
Browns: E11, E31, E33
Skintone: E00, E11, R01

This is how I put the card together... all card stock is from my stash, I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder with the Japanese hanging lanterns for the background. The chipboard branch is also from my stash and I painted it with Coffee Bean by Plain FolkArt Acrylic Paint. I punched small flowers with a Michael's punch, colored the center of each flower with Impress Markers By Tsukineko in #5 Carmine and covered this circle with Viva Decor Opal Pearl Pen. You can't quite see it in the picture, but the marker ink seeps through the pearl pen so in real life the flowers' centers are a soft pink. Let me show you a close up... see if you can make out the pink...

Can you make the pink out? I made a card using this technique before... I was going for a cherry blossom tree. When all is said and done... the flowers do have that pink hue. I tend to buy liquid embellishments in shades of white. I can always add color and change the appearance but if I were to buy pink and needed white... I wouldn't be able to change the color. It's called having a budget... know what I mean? :) The first time I did this... it was an accident... :) ... lol ... I cannot remember now the reasoning of coloring in ink before adding the pearl pen but I think I remember I was covering the ink color because it did not look like I "Ema-gined" it originally and so added the pearl ink to cover up my boo boo and instead ended up with pretty pink cherry blossoms. :) Life is good! 

So wish me well! I hope I do win this challenge but I will not hold my breath... are you kidding me! 300 participants! What are the odds?!? :( So anyway... thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment so I'll know you were here! :) 


  1. How cute, Ema! I need to get this digi because she looks so much like my Maddie! :) Funny you mentioned a watermark because I was just talking to my teenager this afternoon about finally getting around to doing one. The comment I made first was, "Well, if someone stole any of my project pics to pass off as theirs, I would be flattered!" LOL Anyway, you did a great job coloring this digi, and the branch and flowers look awesome!

  2. beautiful card love the colour and image x

  3. You've done a fabulous job on your card - love your coloring and the use of flowers!!! Maybe you should try out for the design team here at The Paper Shelter the next time they are looking, then your love would be shown to the world!!!! Thanks for playing with us at The Paper Shelter and good luck in the challenge!!!

  4. Hi Ema. I'm Veronica, one of the owners at The Paper Shelter. You really put a big smile in my face with all the things you said about our work.
    May you please contact me through our store?


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