Saturday, January 12, 2013

Early Valentine's Card

I normally do not do requests... I really don't... I am intimidated by them... too much freedom... I make my cards so that I am the only person who has to like it... but when someone else asks for a card... then it becomes too much pressure for me... cause now... I am making it for someone to consider it worthy enough to give as a gift. :( Freak out city for me! lol

My daughter asked for a card... although she said... do whatever will make you happy... I still considered the possibility she might not pay for it if she didn't like it... hahahahahaha... oh, how that gave me the giggles! lol ;) Not that the subject of payment was ever broached... but even if it had been... I couldn't take money from my baby girl. :)

So here's a little card I made... for a girlfriend of hers... I think she's her best friend... they spend a lot of time together dressing up to impress the boys... giggling at their own ideas... making plans for the night out and about... and how it brings back memories of those days for me. :) I had my fun... I've encouraged my daughter to do the same before she settles down. By golly... she took those words to heart! ;) lol

So I completely forgot about taking a pic of the colored image and I have it here all completed...

I used lots and lots of printed paper and card stock from my stash. The doilies and the three pearl beads are from Michael's. The image is a freebie called Love is Sweet I picked up from Meljen's Designs. I was not sure I could color something all one color and it would look right... but I forgot... I was working with Copic markers... :) ... and it looks divine! :) lol These are the Copic markers I used for the bear... E18, E15, E13. R20. The few hearts, sentiment and lines scattered about were filled in or outlined with R20.

Now... I am in the mood for some chocolate! ;) lol Thanks for stopping by! :)

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