Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ella and Her Pet Parade

This card is for the Lia Stampz Something New challenge. It's easy for me to do these "something new" challenges right now. All the digis I have are brand spanking new! :)

This image is Ella and Her Pet Parade from Scrapbook Stamp Society. The image reminds me of my daughter, Nina, whom I affectionately call Hershey. She's an animal lover.

When she was young... there wasn't a stray of any kind she didn't want to bring home. I love animals too but truth be told... I'm more of a dog person. I love dogs. I like cats too... but not as pets. 

Since Nina was always finding an animal she wanted to bring home more often than not these were cats. Even though I didn't want a cat in the house... I allowed her to have her cats. Sometimes... we had more than one pet at a time. She liked to include the pets in her play... dressing a kitten in a doll's dress so she could have a tea party... had one of our puppies sleep in the dollhouse because he was her "baby"... I could see her doing something like Ella if she'd had enough pets. :) lol

Hershey is now 25 years old... she still has her pet... we call her my grandbaby and since Hershey often tells me she will not marry and have children, she affectionately calls Fish her baby as well. :) lol 

Fish is a little spoiled... last year... I wanted to get her a companion because I was working and she spent a lot of time alone. We brought a puppy home and named her Chips. Fish wasn't having none of that! So sadly... because of behavioral issues from both dogs... we had to find Chips a new home. We found her an EXCELLENT home. Gwen is an animal lover too and lives out in the country with horses and other animals. She also has two dogs that have accepted Chips into their family without problems. :)

When we went out to visit Chips at Gwen's place... we received a tour of the ranch and the last stop we made was at the stables. Gwen went into great detail about the care and love she bestows on her horses. She turned to me and said "You'd understand... you're an animal lover like myself." Before I could answer in agreement, Hershey tosses her head back and exclaims "She's not an animal lover!" I was quite baffled by her response... and answered with the only explanation I could think of... "Nina, just because I wouldn't get you the pony you wanted for Christmas each year doesn't mean I don't love animals. We lived on the SECOND floor!" We all laughed about it and continued with our visit. To this day... I've not ever broached the subject with her to find out why she thinks I am not an animal lover. :-\ I allowed her Every. Single. Cat. She. Brought. Home! ... and I am NOT a cat person! :( The unappreciated sacrifices we make as parents! :-\ lol

But that is a story for another post... I got side tracked... this image reminds me of Hershey as a child and her love of animals. :) The little animal lover... ;) lol

Here is the image colored:

I started coloring with Copic markers in early December 2012. At the time, I had the gray sketchers and skin tone 1 sketchers. For Christmas, my children gifted me two more sets. These two sets, Floral Sketch and Perfect Primaries, were the only two sets our local Hobby Lobby carry. :-\ However, to make this easy for you... I used Every. Single. Copic. In. These. Four. Sets. :) This image required a lot of color! :)

Here is the card:

I used twine, card stock and printed paper from my stash. I also added some Crystal Snow to Ella's and her pet mouse petticoats. :) I stamped "Follow Your Dreams" with a rubber stamp from Stampabilities. I love how happy it looks! :)

Thanks for stopping by! If I find out why I am not considered an animal lover anymore... I'll be sure to come update y'all! lol ;) 

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  1. What a gorgeous card!!! Your coloring is wonderful. Thanks for joining us at LiaStampz!

    LiaStampz DT member


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