Wednesday, January 9, 2013


*****I AM A WINNER*****
I was picked by as a winner for Challenge #32 - Something New! I need to run out and buy me a lottery ticket! I'm having an awesome, lucky winning streak!!! :)


I don't think I will EVER be able to do a card with a beach theme and NOT use sand paper... EVER! I did it with this one... didn't even have to give it a second thought... as a matter of fact... didn't even realize the sand paper was in my hand until I was cutting it. I reached for it from pure instinct. :-\

I still like how the card came out. :)

I also... are you ready for this? ... used a... Card. Sketch! Yup! I think I have been converted. I wrote in an earlier post I don't do card sketches. I use to find these too confining... :-\ ... really... once I saw the card sketch... I could not think beyond that. I had to stick to it... To. The. Letter! :( It reminds me of the first time I purchased a rubber stamp and the immense disappointment I felt when I stamped my first image but that is a story for another post. Right now... I am telling you about my insane fear of card sketches. I think I have overcome that fear! Really! I have! I'll show you! :)

So I used a card sketch. :)

This card is for Challenge 32 - Something New at Lea Stampz. The new item I used was the digi image, Marie. I just bought it special for this challenge! Yup! I sure did... this after I told myself NO. More. Digis! None! I went ahead and did it! ;) I showed me who was boss alrighty then! :-D I bargained with myself and promised only this ONE this ONE time for the challenge... but then I saw... rewards points. :( I'm a huge fan of rewards points... it's why I've sold myself to CVS. :-\

So I colored her all tanned for the beach... these are the Copic marker colors I used...

Blacks: N8, N6
Blues: B00, B04
Browns: E18, E15, E13
Gray: N0
Yellows: Y13, Y19
Red: R46

I've confessed my sins already and tattled about the sand paper... :- } I also used printed paper and card stock from my stash. The sentiments come from Goes with Summerset Beach Gal and By the Beach clear stamp sets at Raisin Boat.

This is the card...

I am so ready for warm weather... not HOT weather... warm weather... or at least warmer... we're about what... 18 days into winter? Ugh! It's gonna be a long winter for me! :(

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  1. Perfect card for us in Hawaii...
    Thanks for joining us over at Lia Stampz Challenge...


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