Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Now I'm Depressed...

I've gone and done it! I normally don't do Valentine's cards... :(

First... I don't care much for the "special" day... I believe if someone loves me... I should get flowers and chocolates EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! :) Maybe that's why I'm single... Hershey often tells me to stop being so picky. I've explained many times... I'm not being picky... I have standards. :)

Second... since I don't do the "special" day... I really don't have reason to make cards to commemorate the day now do I? However, there are people in my life I love and want to make special... so SOMETIMES... I might make a card for my daughter and maybe my sisters. I use to make cards for my mom until I saw how she reads them. She grabs the card, checks for money and then tosses it aside so... I don't do that anymore. :( Another reason I don't make Mother's Day or birthday cards too.

Third... since the leukemia... the "special" day makes me more aware of being single. The leukemia brought it front and center for me... the day only makes it more pronounced. So I don't care for the day. :-|

I got sucked into this by CHOICE. Simply Challenged Challenges has a card sketch for the current challenge. I want to play along... so I found Kiss Me Betty and colored her up all pretty. 

I normally don't do sketches either. I like to think of myself as a rebel... ;) lol I don't like to be told what to do. I march to the beat of my own drummer... I am a square peg trying to fit into a round hole... the whole bit... I'm sure I don't have to go into detail... you should have gotten a good picture of what I was trying to paint. I don't do sketches... but... I do want to play in this challenge. So here I am. :)

So here's the card sketch:

... and here is my image all prettied up...

... these are the Copic markers I used...

Blacks: N8, N6, N4
Pinks: V05, RV13, R20, R43, RV69
Skin tone and eyes: E00, E11, R20 and E15, E18
Grays: N0

Doesn't she look all happy and perky? How could she possibly depress me, right? Well! She did! I'll tell you how but first let me show you...

I used ribbon and card stock from my stash. The background paper is Bazzill patterned paper. I. Had. To. Use. This. Paper. I! HAD! To! It matches her belt and hair bow. I. Had. To. I punched the heart shape with a Michael's large heart punch. The sentiment is from a clear stamp set called Heart Attack at Raisin Boat

So I did a pretty good job huh? I mean of following along with the challenge right? Well... it went all good and dandy till I added the IheartU... then I remembered I don't have anyone to give this to. :( 

I am participating in the "Brown Paper Bag Project" by Joanna Dane Rothman. I received my brown paper bag yesterday. I still need to add a few things to the brown paper bag. I think I will carry it around until I find someone who needs it. I'm thinking I will type up a sentiment about loving life and making the most of what we have... I will find something along these lines... or just make up my own. When I hand over the brown paper bag... I'll include the card. My objective, or course, is not just to help someone out... but to also give them something pretty to look at and something to read. :) I hope the person can read! 8-O

Life is precious and unpredictable. I will never tire of saying or writing this because it is true. One of God's greatest commandments is that we love each other as we would ourselves. I look around me these days and I cannot help thinking there are a lot of people walking around who must not love themselves. :( So I got a little depressed thinking that... but all I can do is get out there and spread a little sunshine wherever I may go. :) That's me! A little ray of sunshine. I have a friend who called me a little "F"ing ray of sunshine! His reason is that some people don't want a ray of sunshine to break through a cloud on their pity parade. I don't think that is the case... I think some people are just too wrapped up in protecting themselves that is how they come across. 

What I think of society is not meant for this post. I came on here to show you my card for the card sketch challenge and I have. :) I'll write what I think of society some other day... when I don't have a single card to show you. :) Really! I mean that. Some times... I can go days without making a card... but I am not working right now. Classes start next week on Wednesday. I'm thinking my card sharing days are coming close to an end... or at least... maybe not two or three per day like I do right now. :-\ lol

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will leave a comment and let me know you were here. :) 


  1. This is such a cute card Ema! And hey, its good you have standards....we all should...Im hell on wheels! lol..I do love your card!....Kim

  2. And btw...I loveeeeeeeee sketches and you should too cause you did a great job on this sketch...alot of people dont follow the sketch well and you did...I follow a sketch almost to the tee....thats the fun of them and thats the challenge...

  3. oh this is just AWESOME and I am so glad you joined in with us at SCC. you have done an amazing job with your colors and coloring..

  4. Great job I love the papers you chose. This is one of my fav. Emo's and you've done her great!

  5. Great the paper and the colour combination one of my favourites..purple :)
    thanks for joining us at SCC

  6. Well, you did a GREAT job and I am glad you decided to do the "sketch" even if you are a rebel. lol Thanks for joining us on SCC.

  7. I love, love, love this card!!!! SO cute! Love the papers and your coloring! Fantastic job!


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