Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sweet 'n Sassy Digi Challenge

*****I've been SPOTLIGHTED!*****
Sweet 'n Sassy Digi Challenge #86 picked this card to spotlight!


That's right! I am participating in the Sweet 'n Sassy Digi Challenge for this week... did I write that correctly? Weekly? Yup... WEEKLY... I hope I can keep up! lol ;) Famous last words! :-\

The theme this week is "Something New". The something new can be a new product or a new technique. I went for it! :)

I'm gonna tell you something that might just shock you... it shocks me! Every time I think about it... I cannot believe it of myself! ;) lol When it comes to card making... I like the idea... I like all of the little bits and pieces involved of putting a card together... but I don't like it when it's time consuming. YUP! I said it! Time consuming. So I am kinda lazy about what kinda card I end up with. I love all the different folds and fancy swirls I see from different blogs I visit. I just cannot make myself repeat these. I did once... for a swap... it took ALL day to make ONE card... ALL! Day! ONE! Card! I'm about immediate gratification... which is why I am hooked on the whole digi scene right now... ;) lol ... but I was open to this new technique idea... I thought it would give me a chance to try some new quick and easy folds... cause that's just like me... quick and easy! Just don't let that get around... ;) lol

So I went over to Beccy's Place to see what kind of fancy easy folds I could find over there. She's got a heap of them! Trying to decide which one to use was giving me a headache! After all that fussing I did... I did find one! You may not think it's fancy... but I sure do! lol ;) it doesn't involve LOTS of folds... it's fancy looking! ;) More importantly... it's a new technique for me. :) 

I did find a fold but I didn't use it for this card... nope... I used it on another one and it involved using a... you know... I don't really know what it's called... but for now... so we can get past this... I'm gonna call it a label shape. When you see it below, you'll know what I am talking about and I would love if you'd leave me a comment telling me what the right word for it is. In the meantime, I had so much fun using the label shape... I decided to use the label shape as the card technique. From reading Beccy's blog, when you make a cutout on the front of the card it is called aperture. I looked it up on Google. I found a lot of references to a photography term but I also found a few that referred to "an opening, such as a hole, gap or slit." So Beccy DOES know what she's talking about! :) Phew! What a relief! lol ;)

Someday... when I am well-rested and had plenty of sleep... I plan to go back to Beccy's Place and make a Tri-shutter Card. I think it looks super! Not super easy... super! ;) lol I need to be well-rested and had myself plenty of sleep... otherwise... I might cry. I cry when I get frustrated... the card looks super... but it also looks like I might could get frustrated by the experience. So I think I could someday pull on my big girl panties and give it a good ol' try. :) In the meantime... let me share my card with you...

This is the image I am using for the card. If my technique doesn't qualify as new... the image will! I only just bought it this past weekend from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps! :) I wrote before today I want to get into the habit of showing you the colored image before I put it together. Here is Cookie's Tea. I colored her all pretty! ;)

These are the colors I used:

Yellows: Y13, Y19
Mouse: R20, RV13, N0, N2, N4
Trimming on pot and cup: B00, B04, YG 41, YG45, V05
Steaming hot liquid: E11, E13

This is the new card idea / technique I ended up with. I love it!

Isn't it wicked awesome? Yes it is! :-O lol 

I used foam tape to attach yellow card stock from my stash behind the label cutout. I did a fussy cut on the Cookie's Tea image and adhered it to the card stock. I don't have a lot of die cuts. I used a pattern to cutout the "aperture"... ;) ... I made the pattern with a template form from... that's why I think it's called a label... if you read the description, it has written on there "Ideas are included to use them as designed or to create shaped cards, fun tags, unique labels and photo mats."... but I really am not sure I know what I am talking about... HOTP. It is called the Design Tool #1. They also have a Design Tool #2 I want to be able to buy later. :) I had to manipulate the label template a bit though. One was too small... the other one was too large... for the card base. Also... just as an FYI... cutting the shape out... almost made me cry. I haven't slept well these past few days. :( I added Art Glitter around the edge of the "aperture" to cover any nicks and imperfections from cutting by hand. The flowers are from Michael's $1 bins. The printed paper on the front is from Cosmo Cricket Material Girl / Garden Variety Double Deck. I plan to use it as a get well card because doesn't the card look happy? I can almost hear Cookie say in her squeaky Minnie Mouse voice... all mice sound alike to me... ;) lol ... as she's sticking her head around the teapot saying "Hi... hope this cup of tea makes you feel better!" Can't you? ;) lol

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll come back and, please, leave a comment so I'll know you were here! :)


  1. 1. Your card is so bright and sunshiny and cheery!
    2. You did an awesome job coloring Cookie and her teapot and cuppa!
    3. This is the most entertaining craft-related blog post I've read in quite a while. Thank you for sharing your sense of humor!
    4. Thanks so much for joining in this week's Sweet 'n Sassy Digi Challenge! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with us again throughout the year! :)

  2. What an adorable card!! I truly like the card design & your new fold. I REALLY liked your post and your sense of humor. Thanks so much for joining us in this week's SNS Digi Challenge!! I hope you'll join us often!


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