Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

It's a new day... a new year... that means there are 365 days... and ways... to write a new book! :)

I'm getting a pretty good start to the new year! This morning, I came to check emails and what nots and I discovered I was picked Top 3 at Simply Challenged Challenges! Isn't that awesome?!? I think it is! :) And now that I've shared that little bit of good news for me... let me share my latest creation...

This is the third and final entry I am posting at Alicia's Crafty Corner for the A Special Challenge going on over there. 

She's new to the digi world and to this date... has five images at her store. After reading her "An Ideapost, I HAD to have all five... not all at the same time... she added since the first time I read that post. :) Even if she didn't have that idea, I'd still buy these... they are wicked cute! I've shown you Honey and Photographer. Now I'm gonna show you Coloring Alicia (she's down at the bottom of the page). :)

This is how I colored her beautiful...

I used Copic markers to bring color to her curves and this is how I did it:
Hair: N6, N8
Eyes: E15, E18
Headband and dress: R46, RV69
Shoes: RV69, N6
Skin tone: E00, E11, R20
Markers and paper in hands: N0, B00, YG41, R20

She kinda reminds me of me... before leukemia... 

Before I was diagnosed, I wore 3" heels everywhere I went. I'm only 5'1"... actually closer to 5'2". I measure 5'1.75" but DMV won't let me have that 3/4 of an inch! Can you believe it? So... to add some height to myself... ;) ... I wore 3" heels anytime I was gonna stand up. ;) lol I'm a single gal... I think I've written that before today... and back then I got made up if I was going to the corner store... probably... maybe... undoubtedly... ;) ... even overdressed on occasion. That's cause vanity is the only fault I have and it use to interfer greatly with my day to day functioning... :-\ ... vanity has kinda taken a back seat since my diagnosis. I've come to accept there are a lot worse things than my shoes not matching my purse. There were many days I didn't have the energy to comb my hair much less try to find a matching outfit and wear heels with it too. I've become much more laid back on how I dress... 

She still reminds me of me... after leukemia...

I've discovered Copic markers recently... and anyone who knows me will be more than happy to tell you... once I get started on something... I. Go. All. Out! :) That's all I do these days... I carry my markers and images with me... Every. Where. I. Go! If I discover I am gonna have to wait... out come the markers and images to color. Waiting at the MD office, at my labs, at registrar's office... the only place I don't pull out the markers and images is while I am waiting at a red light... ;) ... I'll even have them in the living room while catching the Cowboys lose a game or two... but only during the commercials. After all... if I was coloring... I couldn't watch the game. That's just how I roll. :)

I used Cosmo Cricket Double Deck Material Girl & Garden Variety for the background, shimmery card stock for the mat... cause she's the kind of gal who... like me... likes and deserves shimmer... ;) ... and finally, buttons and ribbon from my stash. :)

So here's the card...

She does remind me a lot of myself... except... maybe... just maybe... she's got a little bit more hip going on than I do... ;) lol

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  1. Ema your card is beautiful and so are you! Thank you for playing the challenge. Happy New Year! :)


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